Members inside of the Paid in Full Car Club garage. (Daija Peeler/QCity Metro)

A local car club will appear in the upcoming season of Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew, a show about niche car collections.

Paid ‘N Full Car Club is a Black-owned car club where its owners collect, sell, and trade classic European vehicles, including BMWs, Mercedes, Sabas and a few other brands. 

The episode was filmed this week at Paid ‘N Full Car Club’s garage in Gaston County. The show follows Hart and a group of friends along their journey into car collecting.

Inspired by the 2002 drama “Paid in Full,” the club’s members own automobiles from the “80s, 90s and early hip-hop era.”

Paid members have opportunities to connect with other owners, store their cars at the garage in Gaston County and participate in shows with the club.

West Charlotte High School grad Damian Peters founded the club with JET Magazine President Daylon Goff in 2021 after the pair met and bonded over the purchase of a vintage BMW e30.

Last month, a producer of the show reached out to Peters via Instagram about appearing on the show. 

At first, Peters said, he thought it was a scam. He then reached out to Harry Ratchford on Instagram, who stars on the show alongside Hart, to confirm the legitimacy of the offer.

Initially, the producer thought the club sold American muscle cars. 

“Sometimes, we curate different car shows, and when we do, we might mix in other types of cars,” Peters said. “So she saw one of those shows, and she was thinking, that’s what we do.”

Peters and vice president Tony Miller were familiar with the show prior to the producer reaching out and were excited about the opportunity to appear.

Miller told QCity Metro he is looking forward to showcasing a Black-owned car club — one of few in the industry — and breaking through negative stereotypes of Black men on television.

The club currently has 25 members, including Dreamville rapper Lute and body shop owner Erick Vielot Sr., who customized one of the cars that was used in the “Paid in Full” film. 

“My goal is for the car club just to keep growing organically,” Peters said. “I just want to have some good members who [are] ready to put in some work and [are] really down o help the community.”

No set date for season two has been confirmed but you can watch season one on the Roku TV channel.

CORRECTION: This article has been updated to correct the spelling of Erick Vielot Sr’s name.

Daija Peeler covers arts, culture, and faith in Charlotte.

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