“She knows I could pop up at any time and ruin her life. I won’t, but I like having the option.”

Jason, 29, met Lennox, 29, in 2018 at a Panthers game in Charlotte and decided then that she would become his girlfriend, despite one pretty significant problem: her fiance.

“I was going to get a hotdog or some nachos or something and I got in line and this girl walked up. All I saw was [curves]. Plus, she had a cute face too. I was like ‘yeah, that’s my wife’ [as] soon as I saw her.”

Jason said he walked up to order and turned around casually to the woman behind him. 

“I was smooth with it,” he said. “I told the cashier, ‘and whatever she wants, I’m buying it too.’ And she was smiling and stuff so I knew I had her.”

Jason said that once he paid, they introduced themselves and talked for a few minutes while the order was being prepared. 

“I noticed she had ordered a hotdog and some nachos so I was thinking maybe she was hungry or was there with a friend or something. So anyway, when we got the food, I asked for her number.”

Jason said Lennox told him her “fiance wouldn’t like that” and went on to explain that she was there with him — and the food she ordered was his.

“At first I felt played, but she just kept giving me this look like she wanted me to chase her. And I ain’t gone lie, I was a little more wild back then so I said ‘aight,’” he said.

Lennox and Jason exchanged social media handles before returning to their seats.

It would be several months before they connected again. Jason said she rarely posted on Instagram and had never responded to the direct message he sent her after the game.

Then, in February 2019, Lennox posted on her Instagram that she had won tickets to the NBA All-Star Game. Jason saw the post and sent her a message saying, “Wish I was you.”

To his surprise, Lennox responded and asked if he wanted to attend the game with her, noting that her fiance was out of town, so she had an extra ticket.

Jason said he accepted immediately and was excited about it. “That was the best day of my life. I was about to see LeBron play and be sitting in the 100s with my future wife.”

The day of the game, Jason said he and Lennox met Uptown to get food before the game. “At the time, a friend of mine was bartending at Sports One so I asked if she wanted to go there first and get drinks because I knew he would hook us up,” he recalled.

Lennox agreed and the two spent more than two hours at Sports One, according to Jason, eating, laughing and “enjoying each other’s company.”

Jason said he and Lennox “ended up getting a lil more lit” than they planned and missed the first half of the game.

“The game was cool. She kept rubbing her arm up against me but not going too far because we kept seeing people she knew, so I guess she was trying to keep it casual.”

After the game, Jason gave Lennox a ride home. “I didn’t want her Uber back. It was too late.”  

When they got there, Jason asked about her fiance. “Our relationship is basically over. We’re just trying to figure out how to end it at this point. I don’t even wear my ring,” she told him, pointing at her ringless left hand.

Over the next 6 months, Jason said he and Lennox continued to date, going to places when her fiance was out of town for work or when she could come up with an excuse for her whereabouts. 

“We had fun, too. I didn’t realize I was really like a side [man] until Thanksgiving,” he laughed.

Jason said he wanted to be with her, but never pressured her into anything more serious than they had already gotten.

“I never asked her to leave her fiance, she volunteered. She kept telling me it was over, that they didn’t even have a wedding date and that she was looking for a place to stay. I really thought she was leaving him,” Jason said.

Then, Christmas came. Jason and Lennox had plans to exchange gifts a few days before, but Jason said Lennox suddenly ghosted him.

“She blocked me on everything, and she stopped answering my calls and texts. Just randomly,” he recalled. “We were supposed to go to the movies on like a Wednesday night before Christmas and do the gift thing, but literally the day before, I text her to confirm the time, and my message didn’t go through.”

Jason said he tried for a few days to reach Lennox before giving up.

Weeks later, in late January, Jason said he became “desperate” and asked a close friend to check out her Instagram because he was blocked from viewing.

The friend sent Jason screenshots of Lennox’s most recent posts, including a video from her bachelorette trip to the beach and photos from her wedding that had taken place in early January.

“I got right in my car, man. I was about to go over there and be like, ‘aye bruh, by the way, a month ago, your new wife was [descriptive sexual language] in the back of my car. And she took me to see Lebron too,’” he said.

Jason said he ultimately decided not to go tell Lennox’s husband about their relationship because the situation could have become dangerous or ended badly. 

“I didn’t want [the husband] to pull a gun or me nothing. I was mad but ain’t nobody worth my life, so I just took the L. And I know she knows I could pop up at any time and ruin her life. I won’t, but I like having the option.”

Today, Jason is still single and lives in Charlotte. Lennox is still married and has two children.

According to Jason, Lennox reached out to him a year ago and left a message apologizing for the way she ended things. He said he was tempted to call her back but didn’t.

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