So, you think you know Black trivia?

Test your knowledge with our five-question quiz.

Earlier this month, we had a capacity crowd for QCity Metro’s Black Trivia Night at Weathered Souls Brewery. On Friday, June 2, we’ll return to Weathered Souls, but in a bigger space.

Be sure to reserve your spot on our new ticketing venue. (You’ll be hearing more about that in the coming days.)

Good luck on today’s quiz.


In which U.S. state was the first Black governor elected?


Which 1995 film featured the blockbuster lineup of Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Loretta Divine and Lela Rochon?


Finish this sentence: “Be back in the house before ______”


According to Beyonce’, who or what “runs the world?"


During the 2009 Video Music Awards, whose performance did Lil Mama interrupt by standing on stage?

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