Drivers are blocked off from turning left when leaving UNC Charlotte.

A road closure in University City that prevents turning from both directions is causing increased traffic in the area.

QCity Metro decided to find out why the road is blocked off — and what the timeline for reopening is.

For the third week now, drivers have been unable to cross over the LYNX tracks at J.W. Clay Blvd and North Tryon Street.

The turn is blocked off, resulting in increased traffic around J.M. Keynes Drive. 

Two weeks ago, a car accident damaged the electrical cabinet that controls the stoplight, the pedestrian signal and the arms that come down at the light rail crosses. 

The section is also closed to pedestrian crossings. 

Road closure to turn left on J.W. Clay Blvd. (Daija Peeler/QCity Metro)

The City of Charlotte’s street closure map notes that the closure began on April 10 and will end on April 28. The information about the closure was made available on April 22.

“I was trying to door dash to make a few extra dollars and couldn’t even get started correctly cause traffic was backed all the way up to campus,” UNC Charlotte student Janiya Whiteside said. “[The] overwhelming traffic delayed a lot of the orders that I [ended up] missing out on.”

Whiteside lives nearby, and though she doesn’t make frequent trips to the area, she noticed the increased congestion.

“Traffic wishing to make left turns at JW Clay Boulevard are advised to go to the next traffic signal and make a U-turn,” the website states.

Daija Peeler covers arts, culture, and faith in Charlotte.

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