Feeling hungry?

Today is 4/20, a date celebrated by cannabis users worldwide.

Weed is still illegal in North Carolina, so no one reading this should have the munchies.

But just in case…the QCity Metro team is happy to suggest some of our favorite local eats to cure whatever kind of hunger you have today.

Here are some of our team recommendations:

Benny Pennello’s

This gem in NODA sells good pizza for a low price. They serve plain cheese slices with the option to choose from different toppings such as classic pepperoni or pulled pork. And in case you feel really hungry, the pizza slices are huge. Benny’s is open until 12 a.m.

Billy Jack’s Noda

The restaurant has good drinks and cheap — but tasty — bar food.  The chicken nuggets with Ricky Bobby seasoning are a house favorite. And the fried Oreos are great for the days you’re craving something sweet.

Rhino Market

Though people typically eat breakfast in the morning, the breakfast burrito at Rhino Market is a tremendous anytime-of-day snack. The market also offers a large selection of beverages for anyone extra thirsty or experiencing 4/20-induced “cotton mouth.” 

Maharani Indian Cuisine

Indian food is usually considered “snacky” or comfort food, but there’s something crave-worthy about the food at Maharani. The house-made garlic naan with paneer makhani — a meatless tomato-based dish — is an easy-go to that’s filling and full of flavor.

Nana’s Soul Food

“Every now and then, I want to have the food I grew up on. Nana’s takes me back to my roots,” our publisher, Glenn Burkins said of Nana’s. The restaurant has a real Southern family charm and serves classic soul favorites like smothered pork chops, baked macaroni and cheese, collard green, candied yams and more.


This carryout-only spot on Central Avenue offers lots of chicken and meatless – based menu items, but the real star is their original fried chicken sandwich called “the OG.” Served on potato bread with lettuce and mayo, the simple sandwich is an end-all craving cure. And a cup of the house-made pickles are the perfect side. The pickles are a bit sour and slightly spicy, and are made with white onions: the perfect grab-and-go snack.

Sabor Latin Grill

Nachos are a well-known cure for the munchies and Sabor does them well. The veggie-loaded nachos come covered in queso and is really big, so it’s shareable. There’s also an option to add a protein like chicken or beef and make the nachos an even bigger dish.


This go-to spot in university has a great Mediterranean chicken bowl with rice, spinach, tomatoes, mozzarella and hummus. Top it off with some creamy garlic sauce and the restaurant’s seasoning blend and you’ve got yourself a great craving fix meal. 

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