Happy Sunday, QCity.

As publisher of QCity Metro, I want to let you know about some changes that are coming to our newsletter schedule. I also want to explain the why behind those changes.

First, the changes.

Starting March 6:

  • Our morning newsletter will move to noon.
  • Our Saturday newsletter will move to Sunday.
  • We will launch a health & wellness newsletter in April.

Why change the morning newsletter?

This decision was not made lightly. In fact, given how much we value each of you, the QCity Metro team reviewed all options before making this change.

In the end, we decided that this move is necessary, and we believe it will carry with it some benefits:

  • Editors will have more time to coach young reporters, producing what we believe will be a stronger newsletter.
  • We’ll have more time to include news from City Council, County Commissioners and School Board meetings, which often go well into the night.
  • A noon newsletter can include news that happens each morning.

Is this change final?

Since the day we launched in 2008, QCity Metro has sought to grow and evolve, but we also must be responsive to the needs of our readers. With that in mind, we’ll monitor the impact of this change.

What about the weekend newsletter?

We want to make our weekend newsletter more engaging, but this, too, takes time. We recently added a weekend news quiz and expanded our job listings. Stay tuned for more additions in the weeks ahead.

As for the health & wellness newsletter?

I’ll have more on that later this month.


When I started QCity Metro 14-plus years ago, I never imagined how much it would change the focus of my career. My goal back then was simple: I wanted to build a digital platform to deliver news and information relevant to Charlotte’s Black communities.

That goal is undiminished, but I also know now that QCity Metro must do more than that; it must become more deliberate in its efforts to train and nurture aspiring journalists – it must become a teaching newsroom, just as there are teaching hospitals.

Some of the changes we’re making will better position us to embrace this expanded goal.

The news industry needs more Black journalists, especially those with a heart for our Black communities.

Getting there will take time, effort and resources. That’s why I’m so thankful to our Press Club members who give financially to support our mission. We could not do this work without you.

I like hearing from readers. Drop me a line to offer some feedback.

All the best.

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Founder and publisher of Qcitymetro, Glenn has worked at newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Wall Street Journal and The Charlotte Observer.

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