Ten58 is a sports bar and lounge owned by Thomas Davis, the former Carolina Panthers linebacker, and his wife, Kelly Davis. It opened last November.

The name is a nod to the numbers Davis wore as a football player — 10 at the University of Georgia and 58 with the Panthers.

Just steps from Truist Field and Bank of America Stadium (430 W. Fourth St.) in uptown Charlotte, Ten58 is a perfect gathering place for sports fans.

Sports bar, but with an urban kick

I went with a friend on a Friday evening, and things got crowded fast. I couldn’t help but notice all the Panthers themes — the blue-and-black decore and the murals of Davis in his playing days. 

A sports bar through and through, Ten58 is inviting, even to a nonsports crowd. With no game on, most of the people I saw appeared to be enjoying drinks with friends. I guess that’s where the “lounge” part comes in.

After we had been there for an hour or so, the DJ started a 2000s rap and R&B set. That’s when the lounge’s vibes (and noise level) were kicked up to 10.

In some ways, Ten58 is not your typical sports bar. The mood is comfortable, whether you like sports or not, and the lounge feel gives it an urban kick.

The food

My friend and I got the Blue Blitz, a vodka-based drink with Triple Sec, Blue Curacao and a splash of lime. It was on theme with the restaurant. For food, we kept it simple: I got the lemon pepper wings wet (yes, you can choose) and loaded fries, and my friend got the steak tacos and plain fries. 

My wings came out dry — twice — after I sent them back. Still, they were meaty, well-sized and well worth the $12. The loaded fries were exemplary. 

The verdict

I see the potential that Ten58 has as a backdrop on game day, and as a go-to spot for happy hour. I’ll definitely go back, particularly once sporting events resume later this year. 

Overall Score: 4 out of 5
Price: Expect to spend around $50 on a couple of drinks and a plate.
What I loved: Ten58’s ability to cater to the game-day crowd while remaining a laid-back lounge for the everyday patron.
Would I return? I sure would.

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