Tax season is here, and one husband-and-wife duo is using the lounge and bar experience to help Charlotte’s Black community with their finances.

Tysheba Morgan and Hassan Jones are the owners of Tax n’ Tea Lounge, a social space where people can enjoy herbal tea, mixed drinks and other beverages as they get their taxes prepared.

The lounge, located on 9620 University City Blvd (Unit A), was created with the intention of increasing financial literacy within the Black community.

“It’s about bringing more awareness and educating Black people about finances and how to manage their money,” Jones told QCity Metro.

Tysheba Morgan (left) and Hassan Jones (right) behind the bar at Tea n’ Taxes Lounge. Photo: Hassan Jones

Morgan, a Cleveland, OH native, has worked in tax preparation for over 10 years; she owned two tax service businesses in her hometown. 

When Morgan moved to Charlotte in 2015, she continued helping people with their taxes on the side. Later, in 2017, she met her now husband.

At the time, Jones owned a clothing store in University City, and Morgan helped manage the shop.  

When the pandemic arose, business declined at the store, and the couple decided to pivot towards Morgan’s expertise in finance.

They opened Tax n’ Tea Lounge in Feb.2021.  The idea was inspired by Capital One Cafés, but they wanted to offer a beverage other than coffee.

According to the couple, neither of them were coffee-drinkers.

“But we love tea,” Jones said. “Tea just gives you that relaxing feel. It’s healing, so we are all about helping and giving service.”

There are over 16 herbal tea flavors offered at the lounge. Flavors include:

  • Bombay Chai
  • Lemon Ginger Tumeric
  • Moroccan Mint
  • White Ginger Pear
  • Wild Berry Hibiscus 
  • Ginger Peach Green
  • Jasmine Green
  • Earl Grey

Tax preparation can be stressful for clients and the couple believes tea can help calm their mood.

“When you get your taxes done, you might find out you owe money and you’re going to be upset,” Jones said, “If I get you a cup of tea, you’re gonna be cool. You’re gonna sit there and you can take it.”

The lounge also serves lemonades, mixed drinks and hookah. The Cotton Candy Martini Lemonade is a popular drink, Jones said.  

Morgan handles the taxes while Jones serves customers at the bar. 

According to Morgan walk-ins are welcome for initial tax consultations, but appointments with her are reserved for tax preparation only. Appointments can be held in-person or virtually.

A space for the community

Morgan said she specifically wants to help small Black-owned businesses.

“A lot of the issues that business owners have is with bookkeeping and understanding their responsibilities when it comes to taxes and managing their budgets,” she said. “I like to be of service to those small businesses that need those services.”

Morgan has gained over 50 clients since opening in 2021, but when she isn’t using the space for tax preparation, the lounge is used for parties and special events.

She has offered a number of financial literacy seminars at the lounge.

Morgan said she plans to host more financial literacy events focused on credit building and tips for starting a business. 

“We’d like to do more of those types of events where people are learning about finances or business,” she said.

The space can also be rented for private events including brunches, birthday parties and wedding and baby showers. 

Jones, who is also a part-time comedian, plans to use the space to host comedy shows for Black comics.

Jalon is a general assignment reporter for QCity Metro. He is a graduate of North Carolina Central University and an avid sports fan. (

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