We have arrived in 2023 and now is the perfect time to reset, renew and refocus on your health goals. It can feel overwhelming to sort out where to begin or even consider taking on another commitment, but you can do this. 

This is your health, your body, your life.  And you deserve to be well.

Here are a few best practices for improving your health and helping you stick with health and fitness goals:

Make the healthiest choice the easiest choice. 

You know yourself best and have a general understanding of your daily habits. It’s important that you set your environment up to help you make choices that are aligned with your goals.

For example, you could get a large refillable water bottle to keep on your desk. This can encourage you to drink more water throughout the day. 

Want to work out more? You could put your gym bag in the car. This can help you more easily move from your workout to work or vice versa. It can also help encourage you to exercise consistency. 

Another idea is to keep healthy snacks in your bag, purse, or at your desk. This ensures you always have what you need – nearby – to eat consistently and avoid making less healthy food choices. 

Start making changes in the area you feel the most confident in. 

I always encourage clients to assess their life and determine what part feels the easiest to implement healthier habits. With so many daily responsibilities to juggle, nutrition and exercise should be approached in a way that feels easy to manage.

If you want to eat healthier, think of a meal that’s easy to add more green veggies or whole foods to. To make it even more simple, think of a meal that’s easy to cook or prep beforehand that can be made a few times a week.

Choose a source of accountability. 

It helps to have support on your health journey. At some point, you may have experienced the frustration of not seeing desired results or feel the effects of decreased motivation. Enlisting a friend, loved one or professional – like a personal trainer – can help to keep you committed in times when you’re tempted to give up. 

Reward yourself with incentives that encourage you to keep going. 

Self-rewards are a great way to stay motivated. It’s important that rewards are consistent with your health goals and not counterproductive. For example, a health and fitness reward could be new workout shoes, a new workout outfit, registering for a fun run or even a massage. 

Healthy eating can be delicious. 

My food philosophy is “80% for the body, 20% for the soul.” Food choices should make you feel good emotionally, physically and mentally. The majority of your nutrition should prioritize what your body needs to function optimally. Find ways to incorporate more whole foods like lean proteins, green veggies, fruits and brown rice into your diet in a way that still tastes good. A healthier version of any dish can be created. 

Make it enjoyable.

The more fun you can make the process, the better. Your health should be a commitment for life. The more you enjoy it, the more likely it will stick. Choose activities that you look forward to and communities that support you in becoming a healthier version of yourself.

Meet our fitness columnist, Taylor Calamese

Taylor Calamese is a Charlotte native and the owner of Charlotte FIT, a fitness company with two locations in the Charlotte area. With a Masters Degree in Kinesiology, Calamese implements motivational techniques to promote healthy lifestyle practices among various populations.

Calamese is a dedicated professional in the health and fitness industry and holds certifications as an Exercise Physiologist, Weight Management Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She specializes in weight management, muscular development, toning, and sculpting, and she caters specifically to individuals who desire a personal approach and customized workout experience. Calamese is widely known for her innovative workouts that promote fat loss and help clients effectively reach their health goals. Calamese is currently accepting new clients. For more information, visit mycharlottefit.com.

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