Charlotteans want to play golf, work from their homes, and listen to rap artists, according to Google’s Year in Search results. The Google Trends tool provides an annual recap of top searched keywords, questions, and topics across various areas.

In Charlotte, a few things stood out.

Seeking WFH

Also, it seems Charlotteans really want to work from home. Though there’s been more interest in remote work across the globe, only four places in the U.S. had “work from home jobs near me” as top trending searches in 2022. Of the four cities — including Detroit, M.I.; Eau Claire, W.I.; and Roanoke, V.A. — people in the Charlotte area searched the most.

Photo: Screenshot, Google Year in Search 2022 results

Where to ‘tee up’

“Driving range near me” was googled more often in the Charlotte area than any other city in the United States. Charlotte is home to several driving ranges and golf courses for serious golfers. It’s also home to lots of mini and “modern” golfing options that cater to more casual players like the Puttery, Stroke Charlotte and Top Golf — which now has two locations in the area.

Rap over everything

As for taste in music, the most commonly searched genre among those living in the Charlotte area was rap. This could be why rap artists like Future, GloRilla, Rod Wave, and several others are scheduled to host concerts in Charlotte in 2023.

Photo: Screenshot, Google Year in Search 2022 results

Another highly searched topic that stood out was a recipe for “halal white sauce.” In fact, Charlotte was the only city in the country to have this appear as a top trending search.

Other top trending “near me” searches for people living in the Charlotte area included “pilates,” “cheap gas,” “prom dresses,” and “estate sales.”

What was searched about Charlotte

On the other hand, the tool also revealed what people across the globe searched alongside the keywords “Charlotte N.C.”

Some of the top results for 2022 included searches for information regarding Shanquella Robinson, a Lizzo concert that took place in October, monkeypox cases, a rumored serial killer, local real estate, and the Charlotte FC.

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