Que Fresa, a new Mexican restaurant, opened in Charlotte last week. Our lifestyle editor, Madeline, tried the restaurant out. Here’s what she thought about it.

After hearing about Que Fresa’s opening and seeing a few mouth-watering photos of their food online, I had to visit. I ordered a little bit of everything and overall, I really liked it. Everything was pretty tasty, with the exception of one particularly item.

Photo: Que Fresa’s Instagram

About Que Fresa

Que Fresa Taqueria + Bar, opened last week at 1500 Morehead Street in Charlotte’s Wesley Heights neighborhood. The restaurant offers 14 taco variations, shareable items like puffy chips and salsa, taquitos, or loaded nachos, specialty cocktails, dessert, and a wide variety of tequila on the menu.

Tacos range from authentic street options, like the Pollo Asado that has marinated chicken, onion, and cilantro, to more modern, creative styles like the Drunken Baja Fish taco, beer-battered fried fish, creamy cabbage, and aioli.

Que Fresa has indoor open-floor dining as well as a hightop bar and front patio. The restaurant’s decor is bright, modern, and fun. Guests can order at the casual walk-up station and seat themselves.

Yes to the food

Photo: Tacos at Que Fresa, QCity Metro

The food was good.

While I’m pretty easy to please and will try just about any food, my husband can be a bit…selective. Surprisingly, even he enjoyed the food. He loved the Bang Bang Camarones (shrimp) and didn’t complain about the Pollo Asado.

I opted for a few of the more adventurous tacos. I had:

  • Calamari Para La Mari (fried calamari, cabbage, pineapple, sweet and sour sauce)
  • La Toxica (fried chicken, bleu cheese, carrot slaw, mango)
  • Roasted Shrooms (mushrooms, poblano peppers, corn, leaks)

The Roasted Shrooms was a bit too salty and way too spicy for my liking, but I didn’t hate it. The calamari taco and La Toxica, on the other hand, I loved! I’ll probably swing by and order those again this week.

Ice cream but not

Photo: Soft Serve Margarita at Que Fresa, QCity Metro

I like this place and I will return. With that being said, we have to talk about the Soft Serve Margarita.

When I saw it on Que Fresa’s instagram, I had to try it. And I really wanted to love it. I wanted to brag about it to my friends and then take them to Que Fresa to get one. Sadly, that’s not the case.

The Soft Serve Margarita looked like a margarita, quacked like a margarita, but tasted like Patrón.

Because the bar is separate from the food-ordering area, my husband was kind enough to go order it for me and, according to him, everyone’s eyes lit up when the bartender made it.

“What is that?”

“Looks really good.”

“Is that ice cream?”

Quite a few people sitting at the bar seemed intrigued and might have ordered it soon after. To those people, I sincerely apologize; I was bamboozled. Had I known the Soft Serve Margarita would really taste like ice cream doused in tequila, I would not have ordered it and gotten everyone excited.

If the taste of tequila neat is your thing, maybe you’ll enjoy it, but I just wasn’t into it.

Final thoughts

Overall, I really liked the food. I enjoyed the vibe of the place, I liked the decor, and the service was great. The Soft Serve Margarita needs some reworking, but I’d even be willing to try that again if the recipe were improved.

Que Fresa is a chill place that has good food, casual vibes, and a nice bar. I’ll be back.

Score Card

Total spent: Around $45

Value for money: 4/5

Overall score: 3.5 out of 5

It would’ve been a 4.5 but I had to knock off a point for the the disappointing soft serve.

What we loved: Calamari Para La Mari taco and the Bang Bang Camarones.

What we could’ve done without: The soft serve margarita.

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