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The 2022 midterm election season is now in its homestretch.

On Nov. 8, Charlotte-area voters will have their say in selecting the people who will determine the future of our fragile democracy, be it local or on a national level.

It is a responsibility we all should take seriously.

What are the issues that matter most as you prepare to vote in this key election? And what related questions can our QCity Metro reporters help answer?

Let us know in the section below:

Our responsibility as Americans to safeguard democracy doesn’t end on Election Day. So even after the last vote is counted, QCity Metro will continue to engage with our readers as our readers continue to engage with those they’ve elected.

And it’s not just us. All over our nation, responsible media organizations are looking for ways to nurture trust across the various political spectrums while also working to keep voters better informed with factual information. We consider it our duty as beneficiaries of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitutions.

So, reach out to me personally with any thoughts or ideas you may have.

Founder and publisher of Qcitymetro, Glenn has worked at newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Wall Street Journal and The Charlotte Observer.

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