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Entrepreneurship flows deep in Rico Foxx’s veins. 

Inspired as a child by uncles who were self-starters, Foxx knew early on he would follow in their footsteps. Already the owner of a mental health business and a laboratory, both of which Foxx describes as demanding, he found himself looking for a venture that would offer some creative relief. He wanted to bring something positive and laid-back to the community — he envisioned a space where he could connect with neighbors, foster good times, host joyful smiles and maybe even groove a little.

And where the vibes are chill, the people will go.

In September 2021, Foxx entered the Charlotte hospitality scene with Ice Vibes, his third business, selling gourmet frozen treats and hookah services.

Located at 1118 Tennyson Drive in west Charlotte, Ice Vibes is a place customers want to be — enjoying music and the company of others. When Foxx’s clientele suggested he expand his offerings to include a more robust food menu, at first, he was reluctant. 

“We didn’t want to be like everybody else,” he said. “We wanted to be different, we wanted to be unique, yet the demand for food just kept coming.”

So, as the adage goes, persistence pays off.

In January 2022, Foxx bought a food truck for his brick-and-mortar establishment, and Ice Vibes soon became food truck and lounge concept, featuring to-go services from the truck itself, private dining options inside the corresponding building, and boasting outdoor patio seating in the backyard. Since then, business has been running without a hitch. 

“When you come to our facility, it’s like you step into another world,” Foxx said. “It’s a hidden gem that catches people by surprise every time.”

Now that Ice Vibes serves food, with many dishes inspired by the self-taught, there’s-no-measurements-for-this-you-just-have-to-watch-taste-and-learn culinary skills of his grandmother and an uncle, Foxx wants guests to know portions aren’t skimpy and they aren’t compromising quality. Most of the meat served on the truck is organic, he said, and many menu items — grilled chicken salad, black bean burger, turkey BLT club, chicken bites — are under $10.

“I want people to know [the food] is made with love,” Foxx said. “Money isn’t falling out of the sky today, so when people are spending their money, service has to be top-notch. With us, they’ll get amazing vibes and a hell of a service. We want people to feel so good, they don’t want to leave.”

Ice Vibes is designed intentionally — to be a place where people come together in comfort to enjoy music, food and drinks, feel safe and leave their worries behind. Two must-try items on the menu include Foxx’s famous turkey burger and the brand-new shrimp and grits. Ice Vibes also offers catering options, including a wing trays for football season.

As for Foxx and his vision for the future? Naturally, it includes plans for another business.

“You’re getting an exclusive, “ Foxx laughed. “We are diligently looking for another brick-and-mortar that will take things to a new level with specialty cocktails,” 

To learn more about Ice Vibes and to keep up with its events, like an upcoming silent disco series, visit its website and follow on Instagram and Tik Tok.

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