Have you ever been surrounded by pure, beautiful Blackness? I mean Black people in their essence, turning up, vibing out, dancing, laughing, celebrating and being celebrated all in one space? Well, that’s what durag fest is. 

Charlotte artists Dammit Wesley, DJ Fannie Mae and Lica Mischelle, established the festival in 2018 and described it as “the Met Gala of Durags.”

Every year, Black people (and even those who support us) go to Camp North End where they are greeted by Black vendors and later on, live DJ’s, delicious food and good drinks. 

Some of the vendors from this year included Fair Wicks Candles, Goldmen, 4Soles, Just 4rt (pronounced “just art”) and Jrew Creations, a Canadian based crochet company that made durags for the festival. 

Now, I will say it was really hot because the event started at 4:00 PM. You can still look good but dress light, pack light and bring plenty of water because that heat ain’t no joke! 

The second part of durag fest is the part that everyone usually sees on social media. DJ Tonto came out with the hits and had everybody moving.

There were food trucks, a mini bar, a VIP lounge, and a shaded, seating area for people who needed to chill out for a while or who were eating. 

And of course, there were so many colors and patterns of durags from silky yellow to beaded blue to a lit up durag (literally). 

All in all, durag fest was a really cool experience and I was definitely grateful to be surrounded by people who looked like me.

Growing up, I hated my Blackness and to have a space to celebrate the very thing I wrestled with for years is magical. 

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