Since President Joe Biden officially announced Juneteenth as a federal holiday back in 2021, many people have been discovering new ways to celebrate this significant event for the Black community.

Upscale Studio and Event’s Juneteenth Spades Tournament and Game Night were among the celebrations being thrown in Charlotte. It was an exciting event filled with family fun, good food and fellowship with the community. 

Robert and Dominique Delk created Upscale Studio and Events on April 23rd, 2022 as a photography studio and event space.

They were inspired to share knowledge and help their community grow and thrive. When they’re not celebrating the best federal holiday, they’re hosting financial literacy classes or organizing fitness classes with other leaders in their community.

They also share their space with other small businesses and entrepreneurs to help them grow and flourish. “Teamwork makes the dreamwork,” Robert enthusiastically declares while describing their vision for their space. 

Naturally, they leapt at the chance to celebrate Juneteenth and hosted their event on the 16th, allowing families to still participate in other events for the festive weekend. Their main goal was to revive the hype of the card game; spades, as they felt it had lost traction within the new generations.

There was no better way to draw in a crowd than with a tournament for a $200 cash prize.

Yet, spades wasn’t the only game available to play, there were also games made by Black creators like Spill It, a game where the guests got the opportunity to learn more about each other. Learning new games and digging into the classic ones really made this an event for all ages. 

Following their vision for the space, Dominique and Robert also invited vendors from Black owned businesses to show off some of the products that they had available. There were vendors for food, drink, and other products like T-shirts and even bonnets that go up to 5x in size.

Robert and Dominique were clearly committed to living up to their vision. “It brings people joy to have somewhere they can come and gather” Dominique states while looking over her studio with a smile. 


Location: 9307 Monroe Rd Suite B, Charlotte, NC 28270

Telephone: (704) 659-6597


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