When most people think of a drag show, they may think of fast cars, dirt roads, and stadiums. North Carolina is the NASCAR state after all. However, since the airing of RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2009, the art form of men in makeup, dresses and wigs lip-syncing, dancing and performing for an audience, earned the phrase ‘drag show’ a second meaning.

RuPaul’s success with his show and education on the meaning of Drag Queen created a public interest in drag and inspired more drag queens across the nation.

The Diva Royale Drag Queens Show is a weekly event put on by the Diva Royale Box Office. This group of performers host shows across the nation including those held in the Charlotte, Noda area. It is a celebration of famous female artists like Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Katy Perry, Pink and Cardi B. As well as a celebration of drag, its queens and of course, bachelorettes and birthday girls.

Guests get to enjoy new and old hits from their favorite music artists, the full bar and if purchased with their ticket, a brunch or dinner package. 

The experience can be mystifying for some, especially to those who have never seen drag before. However, the performers have a way of making everyone feel like they belong. What’s valuable about this experience, especially for women, is the freedom that isn’t typically found in other nighttime venues.

The freedom to dance and have a good time with friends, without attracting unwanted attention. Also, the freedom to celebrate women, femininity and themselves as they are, separate from what women are expected to be. Seeing guests being invited onto the stage to dance and celebrate with the performers really made the event that much more rewarding.

Tickets can be purchased from now until next year giving parties plenty of time to organize. Also, with it being in the Noda area, the party doesn’t need to stop after the event ends. For those looking for a good time, good music, good drinks and a way to celebrate the month of June, the Diva Royale Drag Queens Show is not an event to be overlooked. 

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