If you’ve ever gone to a theater show and wished you could be the one running it, this might be the performance for you.

As the name suggests, Freestyle Love Supreme is a performance largely improvised by the cast of singers, beatboxers and rappers.

Because the cast takes recommendations from the audience, no two shows are alike. Each time you go, you know you’re getting a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“I don’t know how they do it,” one audience member told Livin’ Charlotte after the show.

Much of the humor and jokes in Freestyle Love Supreme is done through song.

Jay Ellis (“Jelis J”) and Anthony Veneziale (“Two-Touch”) did the rapping for this performance along with guest rapper, Dizzy Senze (Dizzy).

Singing vocals were performed by recording artist Morgan Reilly (“Hummingbird”) and beatboxing was done by Kaila Mullady (Kaiser Rözé).

The show offers bright colorful lights and a fun wardrobe, but this performance is not for kids. The humor and language is very raunchy, explicit and mature.

Despite that, the show never veers into the territory of mean or cruel jokes. In fact, the show I attended had a few tender moments from the cast that almost bought tears to my eyes.

From the moment the audience enters the Knight Theater, they have the chance to control the show. The program guides come with a scannable QR Code that allows the audience to submit a random word for the cast to use in the show.

When I attended, guest rapper Dizzy did a seamless job of incorporating audience words into a freestyle rap on the fly.

While there were many highly enjoyable moments and songs in the show, for me the highlight was their last song in which the cast asked an audience member about their day and turned it into a song.

The jokes are fast and funny, and the music is so well done that it’s easy to forget that it’s all improv.

Freestyle Love Supreme is 90 minutes long and has no intermission, but with such a fun concept and live performers, the show flies right by leaving you wanting more.

Amanda was born and raised in Charlotte and graduated from UNC Charlotte with a Bachelor’s in Communications and English. She covers Mecklenburg County. Reach her at amanda@qcitymetro.com

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