Opening in 2021 in the Plaza Midwood area, Sosu is a modern, sleek Ramen restaurant that incorporates its love of anime into the décor. Whether fan-favorite manga strips from Naruto decorating the bar or other famous works of television, literature, and paraphernalia from Demon Slayer, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, or Black Butler, you are completely and literally covered in anime.

Anime and Manga fans will feel right at home while clips from their favorite animes play on the screen above the bar. Manga strips from Naruto have also been converted into wallpaper for patrons reading pleasure while they’re having a drink at the bar. Last but certainly not least original artwork can be found covering the right wall.

Photo courtesy Angel Butler

Besides the restaurant’s incredibly creative interior design, the food and drinks were just as creative. Some popular items include the karaage chicken and shuriken dumplings for starters and of course, the bold and savory Ichiraku Ramen, which has everything that any ramen lover enjoys including seaweed, naruto, and boiled eggs.

Photo courtesy Angel Butler

Patrons are also able to order from a drink menu, with drinks like the refreshing Snake God, made with sake, sprite and hibiscus. Other popular drinks like the Matcha Misu, very similar tasting to the familiar matcha latte, are included on the drink menu. Lastly, the desserts are another pleasant surprise like the Black Sesame cake which was nutty, rich and sweet.   

Photo courtesy Angel Butler

The staff is very helpful to those looking to explore not only the menu but the world of manga and anime. It’s also inspiring to see the anime fandom community growing in such a cultural way. Sosu is the perfect ramen shop for anime lovers and those looking to have a savory meal at a good price. 

Location: 3718 Central Ave Suite B, Charlotte, NC 28205

Hours: Tuesday: Closed, Wednesday: 5-9 p.m., Thursday: 5–9 p.m., Friday: 12–9 p.m., Saturday: 12–9 p.m., Sunday: 12–8 p.m., Monday: Closed, Brunch: 11AM-2PM.

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