Weekend News Quiz – September 17

Do you know how the Panthers game made history last week?

Last week, 74% of quiz takers knew that a neighborhood of affordable homes is coming to a west Charlotte property that once housed the Plato Price School, which was built in 1915 to educate Black students. Yet only 34% knew about the stair climb at Truist Field last Saturday to memorialize the 9/11 victims.

Now for this week’s quiz.

1. Sports

Last Sunday, when the Carolina Panthers played the New York Jets, history was made inside Bank of America Stadium. What happened?

2. Covid-19

This organization put new requirements in place this week saying employees must get Covid-19 vaccinations or get frequent testing.

3. HBCU News

We interviewed Tia Boyd, a North Carolina A&T alum who is hosting this weekend event:

4. News & Buzz

Twenty-five years ago, the city of Rock Hill adopted the slogan “No Room For Racism.” This December, the city will host the inaugural No Room For Racism ___

5. West End

The Knight Foundation is giving a $225,000 grant to the city of Charlotte, which it will use to:
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