Weekend News Quiz – August 27

It was a busy week in the Queen City. Did you keep up?

Last week 84% of quiz takers knew that CMS is offering signing bonuses to fill their 200 vacancies. Only 51% knew that only half of Mecklenburg County is fully vaccinated.

Now for this week’s questions.

1. News & Buzz

The Wake Forest School of Medicine coming to midtown Charlotte says it will bring community benefits. Including all of the following except:

2. Entreprenuership

A Black owned outdoor ___ opens on Labor Day weekend. It will have food trucks, a live DJ and a hookah bar.

3. QCity Biz

Popular and Black owned, Davidson Wine Co. announced their expansion plans into this city on the east coast:

4. Arts & Culture

Blumenthal announced their annual arts, food and music festival, Charlotte SHOUT! will be postponed from September to 2022 because:


Charlotte Area Transit System announced that on Monday, August 30:
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