Weekend News Quiz – July 30

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Last week 75% of quiz takers knew that The West Side Community Land Trust had unveiled their first permanently affordable home. Only 3% knew that Marcellus Turner is the new CEO of Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

Now for this week’s quiz.

1. People

This week, Charlotte entrepreneur Linda Lockman-Brooks became the first Black person and the first woman to do this:

2. West End

West Side Community Land Trust will receive a $50k grant from US Bank to support its efforts of providing affordable housing in

3. HBCUs

JCSU and NCCU announced plans to

4. QCity Biz

Reports showed that Black professionals have a higher sense of belonging when working away from the office where the cases of microaggressions and discrimination are reduced. Data revealed that __ % of Black professionals prefer to continue working remotely.

5. News & Buzz

Studies show that 7 out of 10 teachers assign homework requiring access to the internet. This led Bank of America to do this for 69 Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools.
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