Harry Taylor is a Charlotte resident.

Soon – perhaps as early as October 15 – the decennial desecration of American democracy will begin anew.

When the 2020 Census data finally arrive at the General Assembly in Raleigh (delivery has been delayed by Covid-19 and political interference), the majority party in Raleigh will begin the redistricting process by assigning voters to voting districts for the U.S. House of Representatives and the N.C. Legislature.

So far so good, right?

Not exactly.

You see, they will assign We the Voters to districts based on how they vote in order to create “safe seats.”

Done adeptly, the resulting tally will keep their own politicians and party in power. They will pick their voters instead of allowing voters to pick those who speak for us.

Called gerrymandering, it’s a scam first used in 1788 when Patrick Henry manipulated Virginia maps to keep James Madison from the U.S. House.

Here at home, the Charlotte City Council, Mecklenburg County Commissioners, and Mecklenburg County School Board will draw maps as well. These are powerful elected bodies that daily make crucial decisions about our lives and future.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg League of Women Voters has asked that all three resolve to conduct this map-drawing via an open, participatory, and transparent process – a process that encourages citizen input, accurately reflects our composition and diversity, promotes greater accountability, and provides firm timelines, prompt communication of draft plans, well-promoted hearings and citizen access to redistricting tools.

Please help League of Women Voters encourage our city and county to make that commitment for fair maps by endorsing our request here.

It matters more than we can possibly say.

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