It’s getting hot. Two Scoops Creamery has what you need to cool down.

Creative flavors, ice cream cakes, and four locations.

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A 20-year-old family ice cream recipe has turned into a thriving, four-location dessert shop for a friend group of entrepreneurs.

“Did we foresee ourselves owning an ice cream shop? No. Are we lucky? Extremely,” said co-owner Jae Hatchett. He and his two business partners worked together at a different company when a random conversation led to the idea of opening an ice cream shop. Hatchett, a Charlotte native, was tasked with finding a location for the first shop, and he landed on Plaza Midwood.

Left to Right: Marques Johnson, Jae Hatchett and Rich Moyer

The ice cream

Their ice cream has been recognized both nationally and regionally as some of the best. Jae attributes this to their secret recipe, their special dairy supplier and the fact that they make the ice cream in the Plaza Midwood location.

Their wide variety of flavors rotate throughout the year, but some of the best sellers are:

  • Cookies by the Sea – cookies & cream plus salted caramel
  • Sky High – biscoff cookie ice cream
  • Bart – vanilla ice cream plus butter finger

Another popular item is their custom ice cream cakes. These sheet cakes come topped with a marbleized glaze and can be ordered online or over the phone.

Jae’s favorite? “It used to be the toasted coconut, but I’m a cheesecake fanatic, and ours are amazing.”

The partnership

The three friends each have separate responsibilities in the business. Marques Johnson runs the day-to-day, and Rich Moyer handles social media and everything behind the scenes. Hatchett manages special events and is working to get Two Scoops more involved in the community by partnering with local schools to provide food and entrepreneurship enlightenment for students.

The trio also all come from different racial backgrounds. “That’s the good thing about our partnership…that’s diversity in and of itself,” Hatchett said. This translates into how they run their business to create an environment — through the artwork, music and employees — that’s welcoming for everyone.

A fourth location is currently in the works and will open this August in Rock Hill. A local couple will be the owners and face of that location. “It’s basically franchising, but it’s not a licensing agreement; they are still dealing with small-time people,” Hatchett explained.

The shop did close for a bit during the pandemic but quickly reopened with pickup and small-radius deliveries.

The future

Two Scoops Creamery has more than 20,000 instagram followers, has been recognized by media outlets such as “The Today Show” and Our State Magazine, and already has three popular locations. So what’s next?

“The sky’s the limit! We definitely want to get in other neighborhoods around Charlotte. Going to other states may be a logistical nightmare, so we might just stay local,” Hatchett said. For now, the summer weather and their ample outdoor seating make their ice cream perfect to takeOUTside.

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