Weekend News Quiz – June 11, 2021

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Last week, 93 percent of quiz takers knew that county commissioners had withheld funding from CMS because the school board hadn’t done enough to address failing schools attended by minorities. Only 53% knew the Rosa Parks Market will kick off next week with a Juneteenth celebration.

Now for this week’s questions:

1. Local government

Mecklenburg County’s top prosecutor, Spencer Merriweather, discussed the impact Covid has had on our justice system, saying:

2. QCity Biz

A new experience is opening in Charlotte next week: a __ museum

3. Series

This week we did a three part series on:

4. West End

After CMS approved a huge budget last April, West Charlotte High will get a new ___ in 2022

5. Big Business

Bank of America, Duke Energy, Truist & Barings are all partnering to do this next week:
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