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In 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, it seemed like everyone had become plant parents. With most people sheltered in place due to coronavirus-related restrictions, Barry Greene used the downtime to lean into his plant hobby. He launched an Instagram page, Greene Thumbz, to support others in their plant journey and opened a plant shop, Shades of Moss, to build community offline.

In that plant shop, he’d meet Victoria. And after a brief courtship, the Charlotte couple got engaged. Now, the newlyweds are sharing memories from their wedding day.

Bride: Victoria Greene, 28, nanny

Groom: Barry Greene, 32, owner/lead stylist at Shades of Moss Plant + Design

Wedding date: April 3, 2021

Wedding venue: Backyard of Victoria’s family home in Fayetteville, N.C.

Honeymoon destination: Wilmington, N.C.

How they met

When Victoria walked into Barry’s plant shop last August, she had no idea she’d be meeting her future husband.

“Our connection started off pretty platonic,” Barry said. “It was after the first date, we knew we were destined to marry one another.”

Their first date was in late September, a dinner at Davidson Wine Co., a Black-owned urban winery about 25 minutes north of Charlotte. 

“We had wine flights and small plates in an intimate corner of the restaurant,” Victoria said. “We purchased a bottle of their Opulence red wine blend to save for a special occasion. We later opened it during our honeymoon.”

The proposal

Barry disguised his proposal as a photo shoot, but it wasn’t long before Victoria sensed something was going on. 

“He and the photographer set up their phones because ‘they needed footage of behind-the-scenes of the photo shoot for their socials,’” she recalled of their explanation. “I noticed flowers on the ground, but they told me they were from his previous shoot. By now, I’m side-eyeing them, but I go with it.”

At one point, the photographer asked Victoria to close her eyes and turn around.  

“When he tells me to open them, Barry is in front of me on one knee.”

The wedding planning experience

“We had a lot of ups and downs, changing of dates and locations,” Victoria said. “But, we had lots of help from our families and friends. Overall, [wedding planning] wasn’t so bad.”

The Big Day

Due to the pandemic, the couple’s guest list included only 28 people — mostly family members who had one or both Covid vaccination shots. The intimate occasion made for several memorable moments.

“I had a best friend of 20 years from Richmond [Virginia] make the trip down for the 25-minute ceremony before heading back. It meant the world to me,” Barry recalled.

For Victoria, the standout moment was when both of their grandmothers filled the unity frame with sand. 

In a nod to their meeting at his plant shop, Barry wore a green suit.

“I made it halfway through my vows before my tears escaped,” Barry said. “God doesn’t work on man’s concept of time, and He truly revealed that to us on our wedding day.”

Advice to engaged couples

“Have backup plans for all of your vendors, especially if you’re planning a wedding during this pandemic,” Victoria said. “Also, accept help when family and friends offer it.”

Victoria and Barry’s Black Business Vendors

Additional vendors

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