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It was a chance meeting during a 30 Under 30 event that brought Michael and Stacy together. From that point, they were almost inseparable.

The couple got engaged in 2019 as they prepared to welcome their first child together. [Stacy has a son from a previous relationship.] For their engagement session, they returned to the place where they first met in uptown Charlotte.

Read more about their love story and upcoming wedding.

Bride-to-be: Stacy Guinn, 33, Meck Basics Manager at Smart Start of Mecklenburg County

Groom-to-be: Michael Baker II, 34, Technical Operations Manager at Google LLC

Wedding date: Aug. 8, 2021

Wedding venue: Mint Museum Uptown

Engagement session location: Levine Avenue of the Arts, uptown Charlotte

How they met

The couple first met in 2018 at the Mint Museum during the Charlotte Mecklenburg Black Chamber of Commerce’s 30 Under 30 ceremony. Stacy was an honoree and attended with her son, Jeremy. Michael, a 2017 honoree, was in attendance to welcome the new class. Later that evening, she introduced herself and Michael invited her to hang out with him and some friends after the event.

Before meeting up with the group, Michael and Stacy took a stroll around town, discussing their upbringings, aspirations and goals for the future. By the time they joined the group that night, Michael and Stacy felt like they had known each other for years. 

She expressed how Michael felt safe and genuine. She knew they had a connection and couldn’t wait to explore their future together. They officially became a couple a month later and were inseparable.

The proposal

Michael: I was in a place where I knew she completed me, and I needed her in my life. I had purchased the ring and planned to take her to dinner. I told her we were having a date night, and while dropping off our daughter to her parents’ house, I was able to pull her father outside and ask him for his blessing, which he happily granted. 

I took her to Cajun Queen, the same restaurant where we had our first date. I was nervous the entire night. Right before the server brought our dinner to the table, I dropped to one knee and asked if she would take my hand in marriage. 

Stacy: When Michael told me we were having a date night, I got a hunch something was up. I didn’t want to get myself excited in case I was wrong, so I played it cool. When we got to the restaurant, Michael was so nervous, as if it were our first date all over again. I was pretty convinced I was going to leave the restaurant a fiancée, but my confidence got weaker as time passed. I began to accept that it was just a normal date night. 

Then, I saw him reach in his pocket and drop to one knee. He told me how much he loved me, how happy life had been since we met, and then he asked me to be his wife. 

Instantly, I had a quick flash of the last few years of my life and everything made sense. I had endured so much, and I just didn’t understand why. But, I realized everything I went through prepared me to be this man’s wife. As I said yes, I was mentally thanking God for Michael, as I admire him so deeply as the man he is. I just remember feeling so extremely blessed for God bringing us together.

The engagement session

Stacy: The majority of our photos were taken on the stairs that lead up to the Mint Museum to commemorate the night Michael and I met. We both started off the photo shoot kind of nervous, but our photographer did a great job directing us and made it fun.

How wedding planning has been so far

The couple says planning a wedding can already be stressful but planning a wedding during a pandemic adds the stress of possibly having to move the date at the last minute or cancel the wedding altogether.

Stacy says she’s relied on her faith to remain confident that all of their planning and spending isn’t in vain and that they’ll have a beautiful wedding on the scheduled date.

What they’re looking forward to on their wedding day

Stacy: I am most excited about becoming Mrs. Baker and being surrounded by family and friends who truly love and support us, while looking absolutely stunning!

Michael: Finally being able to call Stacy my wife. Other than that, mostly the family fellowship, seeing all my friends and celebrating our love.

Michael and Stacy’s Black Business Vendors

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  1. I thought the article of this Godly, intelligent, loving, passionate and phenomenal couple was so very sweet and inspiring.
    Inspiring because it motivates you to wait on God for the person he has ordained for you to date and then marry.
    Hold on single , divorce and widow men and women for your dream to come into fruition. In Jesus name. ????