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Here's how to get your engagement photo shoot, wedding or vow renewal featured on QCity Metro.

We’ve relaunched our QCity Brides series featuring the engagements, weddings and vow renewal stories of Black couples with connections to the Charlotte area.

Want to share your love story and stunning photos from your event? Complete any of the questionnaires below.

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Things to know

  • By submitting the questionnaires, you are acknowledging permission from all parties involved to submit content to us.
  • Events must have occurred within 12 months from the date of submission.
  • We ask for up to 25 of the best horizontal images from your engagement photo shoot, wedding or vow renewal.
  • We require hi-resolution images without watermarks. Participating vendors will be properly credited in the vendor section of the article.
  • We will feature destination events. However, the couple must have connections to the Charlotte area (ex. current resident, hometown, etc.). 

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Latest from QCity Brides:

Photo credit: Michael Gillman Photography

NEWLYWEDS: Victoria walked into Barry’s plant shop; months later, they walked down the aisle

Photo credit: Harry McLaughlin Photography

ENGAGED: East Meck grads Quinton & Bryanna are headed down the wedding aisle

Photo credit: Designs by JK

ENGAGED: Michael & Stacy return to their first meeting spot for uptown engagement session

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  1. QCity Brides? How about QCity Couples? or QCity Engagements? QCity Brides as a title is a disservice to women. It continues the sexist and patriarchal narrative that only/mainly women uplift and seek marriage. If it’s predominately women who are valuing and craving/celebrating/seeking marriage, then who are they getting married to? They’re not, which is why Black marriage rates are in the tank. Uplift the idea of couples and marriage in the title, please.

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