Covid-19 hit us with the swiftness and fierceness of an epic storm, changing the way we live, work and play. Qcitymetro has been chronicling the economic and social impact in Charlotte’s Black communities. Now we want to share your stories of resilience, lessons learned, chances taken — in your own words, through your own point-of-view.

Have you learned something new, surprising, even strengthening about yourself or family? Did you take a leap of faith to follow a dream, find love, start anew in some other place? Did you discover a new hobby, learn to play an instrument or speak a new language, develop a new passion? Have you found new ways to lead, at home, at church, at school? Are you struggling — and finding support — with health issues (Covid-related or not)? How are you, your church family, your work family, your friend-family coping? Did you have a child, plan a wedding, launch a business, lose a business, take that long-awaited trip, achieve another milestone? 

Do you want to share your story in a first-person essay? Here’s how:

These essays will be shared with QCity Metro readers and later printed in a special publication and distributed free of charge through local churches and community groups.

Each essayist will be paired with a veteran journalist to assist with the writing and storytelling, and each essayist will be paid for his/her contribution.

This project is funded with a grant from Facebook and is sponsored locally by OrthoCarolina.

Finally, at the end of this project, QCity Metro will partner with local sponsors to host a one-day symposium to celebrate our work and to discuss the progress made and the road ahead for Charlotte’s vulnerable communities.

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