Ray and Roslyn Singleton pictured Oct. 4, 2020. Photo: QCity Metro


That’s all Charlotte resident Ray Singleton could say after receiving an email last week from the Carolina Panthers asking if he wanted to sing the national anthem during Sunday’s matchup against the Arizona Cardinals.

The performance was part of the team’s “Keep Pounding for a Crucial Catch” initiative honoring cancer fighters and survivors.

Singleton’s wife, Roslyn, was first diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013 before the couple met. After surgery to remove the orange-sized tumor, Roslyn lived cancer-free until a routine check-up last year. She says doctors discovered a tumor about the size of a half-dollar in the same place as the previous one.

Ray recorded a video serenading Roslyn to his rendition of Daniel Caesar’s “Get You,” with photos as a testament of her strength heading into surgery. The video has been viewed and shared by millions, with a highlight appearance on “The Ellen Show.”

We caught up with the couple following Sunday’s game to chat about getting the email from the Panthers, Roslyn’s health update and what’s happened with Ray since going viral.

Answers are lightly edited for brevity and clarity.

Q. How did the opportunity come up for you to sing the national anthem at the Panthers game?

Ray: It was an email, and we were sitting on the couch. I didn’t know what to say. All I could say was “wow!” I couldn’t explain it, I was just like, “Baby, I gotta read the email to you.”

It said, “The Carolina Panthers want you to sing the national anthem at their Crucial Catch game.”

I still can’t believe it. I’m still floating.

Q. Roslyn, give us an update. How are you feeling? How are things going?

Roslyn: I’m amazing. I feel great…

Ray: Radiation is done.

Roslyn: … Start month six of chemo tomorrow [Oct. 5]. We give all glory to God because the situation doesn’t tackle us, we tackle the situation.

Q. What have been some of the messages you’ve received since your story went viral?

Roslyn: I think the main one we get is just the outpouring of love that Ray has given to me. I feel it’s kind of natural because it’s honestly how he’s been since we met. He’s always been overly loving, overly singing, always overly protective of me. He’s always been that person to me, so for people to acknowledge him, it makes it better for me because it makes me appreciate him as a person and husband even more.

Ray: I get messages from moms of kids with cancer, husbands who’ve been married 15-20 years are rooting me on saying, “You making us look good.” But the most powerful ones have been the young brothers who have been like, “What you’re doing, there’s not an example of you out there.” That means a lot to me.

Q. Ray, what’s been happening career-wise since you’ve gained popularity?

Ray: In the last month, things have taken off. I’m booked all month.

Roslyn: Booked and busy.

Ray: I’m getting more wedding invites. I just sang the national anthem for the Panthers (laughs).

Roslyn: God is good.

Ray: God is incredible, and I receive it all. I’m ready for it.

Q. Anything else you want to add?

Ray: I just want to say, thank you. We appreciate all the love we get. The continuous love and support — not the tangible stuff, but the stuff you have to feel — that means enough to me. I feel like I’m walking in my purpose now.

Roslyn: In honor and respect of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I would outwardly like to extend everything I have to everyone that is fighting breast cancer because it is way more of an outward battle than brain cancer. Anyone that is outwardly battling that, I’m here for you because you’re stronger than I could ever be.

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  1. Ray and Roslyn you guys are an inspiration to all of those who are battling cancer, also those who are not. Your story is an inspiration to me because a good friend of mine is also battling brain cancer and your story gives me hope for him. His name is Joe Collier. He played trumpet for the Godfather of soul Mr James Brown for 30 + years. He’s the the guy spinning the trumpet in the Living In America video. Please keep my buddy in prayer . Sending Prayers to you both.

  2. You 2 are awesome together. God bless you both and keep you both. God brought you both together – Ray, your singing is her medicine. That’s perfect. Stay strong. Stay positive. Keep up the fight! peace and love

  3. I read her story on military times about her confrontation with AAirlines. Although I applaud her fight and success with battling cancer, I feel she is in the wrong with wearing an article of clothing with an offensive word displayed. My father died of cancer, my wife’s sister died of cancer, but I have grandkids and I would not want them to be confronted with such an offensive word. She gives God credit, but I doubt God would be pleased with her choice of words. Her story would be so much more inspiring without the controversary over an offensive word.

  4. Tear jerker! This is so beautiful and heart warming! God always has a plan even if the midst! Continue to keep your energy positive and loving! I’m definitely rooting for you guys ❤️

  5. Ray needs to be on the voice he is great his career would happen..love to see their love for each other beautiful