SouthEnd ARTS debuts “JUSTICE” virtual art gallery and speaker series

The documentary-style virtual exhibit features artists showing what justice means to them through their creative process.

The pandemic is not stopping SouthEnd ARTS (SEA) from providing the community with an artistic experience. The nonprofit will host a free virtual art gallery and speaker series on Oct. 2.

SEA will debut its curated exhibition, “JUSTICE,” a documentary-style video featuring exhibiting artists showing what justice means to them through their creative process. There will be cash prizes for winners, who will be announced at the end of Friday’s video.

“JUSTICE” was curated by Noah Hartley and judged by Sonya Pfeiffer, owner of Elder Gallery. Special invited guests include renowned Black elder artist Tommie Robinson, talented steel pan musician Nate Brown and award-winning radio personality Francene Marie.

The program will begin at 7 p.m. and people can watch the series on Facebook Live, YouTube and IGTV. After Oct. 2, the virtual event will be available to view on the SEA website. 

Featured art will be for sale until Dec. 1 on the virtual art gallery page of the SEA website. A percentage of sales will go toward member sponsorships to support SEA’s work to build social justice and racial equity in the arts.

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Janey Tate
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