Don’t expect major traffic disruptions when the Republican National Convention comes to town…unless you live, work or play near the Charlotte Convention Center.

Last week, the U.S. Secret Service released a list of “security restrictions” for the event. Among them:

  • Streets on all sides of the convention center, including the southbound I-277 exit ramp onto South College St., will be closed from 6 p.m. Sunday to about 6 a.m. Tuesday.
  • Three checkpoints will be set up to screen “local traffic.” The Secret Service defines local traffic as convention delegates, RNC staff and guests, residents, employees, business patrons, food delivery services, ride shares, taxis, Uber, Lyft, and repair services. All other vehicles will be turned away.
  • The MLK/Convention Center and Trade Street stations on the CATS Blue Line will be closed from 5:15 a.m. Sunday until 5:15 a.m. Tuesday. CATS will provide a bus bridge between its Carson Street and 7th Street stations. No bus service will be allowed inside the secured perimeter.

A total of 336 delegates will meet in Charlotte to nominate Donald Trump for a second term as president of the United States. Before the Covid-19 outbreak, the Republican convention was expected to draw about 50,000 visitors to uptown Charlotte.

One more thing: Don’t panic if you see a low-flying helicopter flying in a grid pattern over the streets of uptown this Thursday and Friday. The National Nuclear Security Administration will be testing for background radiation around the convention site — a standard precaution, says the Secret Service.

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