Meet Ron Weathers, a QCity Newcomer

This board-certified physical therapist worked with Duke University athletics and two NBA franchises before opening his own practice in the Charlotte area.

Name: Ron Weathers*

Moved from: Los Angeles

How long in Charlotte: 8 months

Occupation: Physical therapist and athletic trainer; President/CEO of Embodi Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

Hobbies: Fitness, CrossFit, running

What brought you here? This is our second time living in Charlotte. In the 10 years since we moved away, I’ve worked for two different NBA franchises (Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic) and in college athletics (Duke University) taking care of athletes. Not to mention, we got married, had a son (age 3), and bought and sold homes on two opposite coasts.

When the opportunity to launch my own practice came about, I could think of no better place than Charlotte to be its location.

What do you like best about Charlotte? The things that brought us back to Charlotte are its diversity, affordability and high-quality school systems. All making it a great place to raise a family.

We also have extended family in North Carolina a few hours away so relocating back here was an easy decision.

What do you like least about Charlotte? Its political divides. Although this isn’t unique to this city, there is a stark difference between political adversaries here, and those differences often stifle progress toward common goals.

How do you hope to get involved in the community? I have been really fortunate to have some great opportunities in life and throughout my career. With that, I plan on impacting the community through mentoring and providing resources to enhance the experience of people who haven’t been fortunate enough to have had my opportunities.

What’s been your most memorable moment since moving here? One of the most memorable moments that we’ve had since returning to Charlotte was when my father and I had the opportunity to attend our first Panthers game together in Bank of America Stadium at the end of last season.

We’ve both been day one Carolina Panthers fans but never had the chance to see a game in person because I was too busy taking care of my own team’s athletes.

Connect with Ron: Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Website

*He earned his doctorate in physical therapy, so patients and colleagues call him Dr. Weathers or Dr. Ron Weathers.

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