N.C. reports 2,000-plus new Covid-19 cases in a single day, a state record

State health officials warn residents celebrating the Fourth of July to wear face coverings, avoid crowds and wash hands often.

North Carolina health officials on Friday reported 2,099 new cases of Covid-19 — the highest one-day total yet.

The announcement came just as the nation began a long July 4 weekend celebration — a holiday that, for many, traditionally involves travel and mass gatherings. Other Southern states have reported similar Covid-19 trends. 

State health Secretary Mandy Cohen called the new number “very concerning.”

The rising numbers, she said, “should be a warning to us all as we go into this holiday weekend. We don’t get a holiday from COVID-19. We all need to wear a face covering, avoid crowds and wash our hands often.”

The state also reported Friday that the number of people in hospitals with Covid-related illnesses was at a record high, at 951.

Health officials have cautioned that the number of people infected with coronavirus, which causes Covid-19, is considerably higher than state numbers indicate. Some people who carry the virus show no symptoms but still may infect others — a primary reason health experts stress the need to wear face coverings.

North Carolina’s official Covid-19 count comes from laboratories that report both positive and negative test results to the state. Of those tests, 11% came back positive, the highest percentage North Carolina has seen since late April.

Anyone with symptoms or anyone who thinks they have been exposed to COVID-19, whether or not they have symptoms, should be tested for COVID-19. If you think you may need to be tested and would like to find a nearby testing place, go to Check My Symptoms and Find My Testing Place. To find short-term testing events in your community, visit the Pop-Up Testing Sites webpage.

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