The Kid Knows Sports: Reaction to Cam Newton signing with the Patriots

Our Kid Contributor shares his thoughts on Cam Newton's move to New England and his contract deal.

Cam Newton is going to the Patriots and our Kid Contributor, Bryson Best, is having a hard time facing the reality that Cam is gone. Nevertheless, he’s happy Cam has found a new home in New England.

In his latest episode of The Kid Knows Sports, Bryson shares what he thinks this move means for Cam’s career and if he agrees with Richard Sherman’s recent tweet about Cam’s contract. 

Yes, there is so much to unpack, but he covers it all in this three-minute episode. Check out the video below.

Bryson Best
Bryson Best is a third grader who loves family, school, chess, play dates with friends and, yes, sports. He's a die-hard Charlotte Hornets and Carolina Panthers fan.

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