QCity Metro contributor Crystal Marie (left) now lives a lot closer to her two siblings. Photo courtesy of Crystal Marie

Not all sibling stories are about rivalries.

April 10 is Siblings Day and celebrated across the country to honor, most often, our first friends — brothers and sisters. As social distancing has become our new normal, so has staying connected with loved ones.

“During this difficult time, we need to be in touch with our siblings more than ever, and the use of modern technology makes it easy to reach out to them,” said Claudia Evart, who created the day of recognition 23 years ago to honor siblings she lost at a young age.

We asked Charlotteans to share memorable moments that highlight their sibling bonds, and here are a few of the touching responses.

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Crystal Marie (pictured above)

“For most of our adult lives, until very recently, my siblings and I lived in far flung places and saw each other (sometimes) at holidays. One Christmas several years ago, we all managed to make it to Charlotte. My mother’s home was under renovation, so we all crammed into my mother’s temporary one-bedroom apartment for the holiday. 

“We binged a season of ‘Luther,’ played (and cheated) a lot of board games, I ate a lot of ice cream while nursing a horrible case of strep throat, and we showered my niece with gifts since she was the only kid around. 

“Since then, our respective families have expanded, our homes have grown in size, and we all live a lot closer. But that Christmas remains our favorite. We had no choice but to be close in that small space. In the age of social distancing, it is a bittersweet memory!”

Christine Edwards

Christine officiated her older brother’s wedding. Photo courtesy of Christine Edwards

“One of my favorite memories with my brother was officiating his wedding in May 2018. He and his wife wanted to have a less traditional ceremony. They didn’t want to look too far from their circle of friends and family to find an officiant. He didn’t even get the question out before I could enthusiastically agree! 

“Being there for my big brother (he’s one year older than me) for his big day was a huge honor for me. He and I bonded over getting paperwork at the [Washington] D.C. courthouse and joked about me adding minister to my resume.

“I was super nervous, and for anyone else, I probably would have melted into a puddle once the ceremony started. But since it was family, I ignored the sound of my knees buckling and helped them deliver their vows flawlessly.

“His wedding and reception were at the D.C. City Club atrium and went off without a hitch! As his sister, I am so proud of the man he’s become.” 

Sabrina Clark

Sabrina (right) remembers celebrating her younger sister, Wednesday, on her 21st birthday. Photo courtesy of Sabrina Clark

“Being almost 15 years apart, my sister Wednesday and I have had more of a sister-mom relationship for much of our lives. Losing our mom in 2015 further solidified that dynamic between us. We have many fond memories together, but one of her favorites (and mine too) is our first sisterly happy hour shortly after she turned 21. 

As we’re approaching the fifth anniversary of our mom’s passing, I’m thrilled to reflect on how far we’ve come and how our relationship, in and of itself, is a testament to her legacy. Cheers to celebrating siblings!”

Michael Baker

Michael with his four sisters, including a set of twins. Photo courtesy of Michael Baker

“Woodrena is my oldest sister, and she’s always been sort of a third parent to me. I remember how sad I was when we dropped her off at James Madison University for undergrad. I acted out a lot that day to try and mask how I actually felt.

“Janell is one of my older twin sisters, and she definitely has a heart of gold. What I truly remember was going to Booker T’s basketball games and watching her play. That was my inspiration to play ball.

“Janise is the other of my twin older sisters, and her philanthropic spirit is second to none. She opens her home to foster children and has had such a positive imprint on children’s lives. 

“My youngest sister, Yvonne, is one of the most intelligent, spiritual, no-nonsense people I know. I trust her more than anyone. Our memories are so numerous, that I can’t even pick one. I’ll just say that our childhood was truly a show, one that we can both look back on and laugh at. Probably me more so than her. All out of love though.”

Loán Lake

Loán (left) with her younger sister Zenzilé on vacation last summer in Belize. Photo courtesy of Loán Lake

“We are sisters by blood and in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. We share the same line number. One of my favorite memories is flying into Denver to surprise and pin her as she officially crossed over into Delta land. 

“Zenzi and I have had the opportunity to work together on a number of projects. Two of my most favorite are: hosting an economic development summit to increase the interest of fellow U.S. Virgin Islanders who moved away to consider investing in our home, and helping her to promote her first children’s book, ‘The Never Snowy Christmas,’ in 2014.”