Gianna Spriggs-MacDonald performs a group energy clearing, or Limpieza. Photo courtesy of Gianna Spriggs-MacDonald

Are you looking for love in 2020? A new job? More money? Curio, Craft & Conjure’s metaphysical store full of magick, rituals, classes, books and intention-setting candles can help. If you need to clear out some of the bad energy lingering from 2019, then getting a limpieza, or energy clearing, is just what the doctor ordered. 

I was a little leery before I had a limpieza, but co-owner Gianna Spriggs-MacDonald’s guidance and uncanny ability to see what obstacles were in my way when I couldn’t, left me feeling like a ton of weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The experience brings in a feeling of peace as the negative energy is removed.

In a recent interview with Spriggs-MacDonald, she explained how limpiezas can help get you ready for 2020.

Q. What is a limpieza and how did you get started practicing it?

At first, it started with me clearing my apartment out of any of the energies of my roommates’ guests. Eventually, I started to work on people and use more herbs. 

Limpiezas are a shamanic approach to energy work that includes using sound, crystals, and smoke by burning plants to first loosen up and remove heavy energy that weighs on you and replace it with lighter energy that is more conducive to wholeness. 

Q. What can people expect to feel and experience during and after the limpieza?

Everyone’s experiences are different based on what is going on with them. Typically people see colors, memories, or feel different emotions while receiving their limpieza. After limpiezas, my clients often tell me that they feel lighter, sleep better, and feel more relaxed.

Gianna Spriggs-MacDonald, co-owner of Curio, Craft & Conjure in NoDa. Photo courtesy of Gianna Spriggs-MacDonald

Q. How can getting a limpieza help with bringing in new energy for 2020? 

Getting a limpieza right before the new year or at the beginning of the year can help you to release any tensions or feelings toward last year. It then allows you to have space for anything you would like in the new year. 

Q. You offer group and one on one sessions. What’s the difference in cost and experience? 

I do offer both group sessions and one on one sessions. A group session is $25 per person and lasts about an hour. It is a great way for someone to test out a limpieza before getting a private one. 

With a private [limpieza], I am able to give someone more specific information that pertains to what they are going through at that moment and how to remedy it. It is like a psychic reading. During a one-on-one session, I can tap into my client and get information that I will mention to them after the limpieza. 

Curio, Craft & Conjure is located at 3204-C N. Davidson St. Walk-ins are accepted Thursday through Sunday. For appointments, call 980-207-0405.

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