Lauren Travis, owner of The Barre Code in NoDa. Photo courtesy of The Barre Code
Lauren Travis, owner of The Barre Code in NoDa. Photo courtesy of The Barre Code

With media and popular culture boasting countless images of all the things that women should aspire to be, safe spaces are becoming increasingly critical. Spaces where one can truly let her hair down and feel accepted in her skin, while simultaneously being supported and encouraged to achieve beyond her wildest dreams.

The Barre Code in NoDa is a newcomer striving to offer all of this and more.

The unique ballet-barre inspired workout is built on the principles of cardio, strength training and restoration. With 47 locations nationwide, the highly successful franchise has built a reputation for empowering women to connect more deeply with their physical and emotional strength. 

Chicago transplant Lauren Travis opened the Charlotte studio in January on the ground floor of the Novel NoDa apartment complex. It’s the first North Carolina location of the fitness startup created by Chicago-based fitness experts Jillian Lorenz and Ariana Chernin in 2010. 

Travis pursued entrepreneurship after encouraging words from her mother and nearly two years as an instructor for The Barre Code in Miami. The UNC-Chapel Hill alum also brings experience as a certified yoga instructor and manager of a Pilates studio. 

Her studio is planted along the 36th Street station of the LYNX Blue Line. Travis explained that it was a top priority to choose a location accessible by multiple modes of transportation.

“I like that [Charlotte] is a city where we can create the culture—what we want, what we believe, what we stand for,” she said. “I like that NoDa is different, very diverse and seeks inclusion. It captures the best parts of what a city can be.”

The Barre Code fitness studio at 424 E. 36th St., Unit 4, in NoDa. Photo via Instagram

The Barre Code offers more than 30 classes between the hours of 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. and aims to reach all Charlotteans “who want to move their body and use it in a positive way.” 

Here’s a sample of the studio’s core offerings:

Barre Code

Described by Travis as “the classic class that kept us in the industry for nine years,” the 50-minute workout allows participants to strengthen muscles through engagement in a variety of dynamic, full-range movements.

Total Body Conditioning

This boot camp-style workout challenges the entire body with strength training and cardio.


Travis described this high-intensity format as “punching, kicking, coordination, and lots of fun.”

Whatever the combination, Travis says guests are in a safe space to try something new. 

“What you do in class represents what you’ll do in your life,” she said. “The challenges you take here represent ways that you’ll push for more outside.”

The Barre Code – Charlotte, 424 E. 36th St., Unit 4, 980-218-9572

Sabrina Clark is a NY native who enjoys the South, but still loves the perfect view of a city skyline. She’s a social worker and child advocate who finds her zen by enjoying all that Charlotte has to offer.

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