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For some, morning time is when we wish we could hide underneath the comfortable shell of our covers and get those extra minutes of sleep before beginning our day. For others, it represents a fresh start — an eagerness to attack the day before the day attacks us.

Below, four entrepreneurs share the morning routines that help them prepare for daily success.

Kevin & Shannon Dixon

Owner and operations manager, KingdomHouse Solutions

Photo courtesy of Kevin & Shannon Dixon

The Dixons say prayer and gratitude keeps them focused and on track.

Morning Routine

  • Thank God
  • Visualize Goals
    • “Visualizing our goals is something we do every day to streamline ideas and to keep our short-term and long-term goals in the forefront of our minds and hearts.”
  • Listen to or read something inspirational/motivational
    • YouTube is their go-to source for motivational clips
  • Exercise
  • Review business plan
    • “This can be as simple as an index card, which I keep inside my wallet, where I’ve written my top four goals for the month and top six to eight for the year. There’s something about reviewing those daily and embedding them into your subconscious that does wonders,” says Kevin.

Eddie Estell

Host, “Hypocrites & Contradictions” podcast

Photo courtesy of Eddie Estell

Eddie Estell’s routine is to start the day with mental clarity and positive energy.

Morning Routine

  • 10-minute meditation
  • Black soap face wash
  • Drink 48 ounces of water with lemon, sea moss, bladder wrack, black seed oil and chlorophyll
  • No food until after noon (tea and water only)

Whittmin Reese

Owner, Reese Insurance Advisors

Photo courtesy of Whittmin Reese

Reese starts most days waking up at 5:30 a.m. He says, if you conquer the morning, then you conquer the day.

Morning Routine

  • Hydrate with a bottle of water to flush out toxins and increase alertness
  • Read devotional or Bible
    • Recommends Tony Dungy’s “The Uncommon Life”
  • Drops son off at daycare
  • Completes a workout before breakfast and coffee

Reese also limits phone time in the morning because he believes the first thing you see can impact your day. That means holding off on checking emails and browsing social media sites.

For these entrepreneurs, a balance of spiritual, mental and physical disciplines help them prepare for success each day.

Let us know: What’s your morning routine?

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