Charlotte-Mecklenburg police released body camera video capturing the March 25 officer-involved shooting resulting in the death of Danquirs Franklin.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department released on Wednesday the full-length body camera video from the fatal shooting of 27-year-old Danquirs Franklin on March 25. The 11-minute video captures Officer Wende Kerl’s moments before, during and after she fired two shots killing Franklin at the Burger King located at 2601 Beatties Ford Road.

The video shows Kerl firing her weapon at the two-minute mark. She can be heard requesting backup a minute later. Around minute four, another officer walks over to the body.

After a court ruling last week, CMPD  publicly released two minutes and 20 seconds of footage, but Mayor Vi Lyles said City Council inadvertently saw the full-length video. On Tuesday, Mecklenburg County Superior Court Judge Lisa Bell ordered that the entire video be released.

Editor’s note: See below for the full-length video. Graphic content included.

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