Self-Care for the Busy Professional: Massages are no longer just a luxury service

A Valentine's Day gift sparked an idea for Brandi Fox that led to the creation of Pamper Us Mobile Massage. Beyond the pampering, mobile massages may be the answer to workplace stress.

Self-Care for the Busy Professional is a Qcitymetro series where we talk with business owners about their path to entrepreneurship and ways to keep self-care a priority, despite long to-do lists.

Between client meetings, networking events, travel and sending invoices, it’s hard to find time to eat lunch, let alone chase the ever-elusive act of self-care. What is self-care anyway? For many busy professionals, self-care is nothing more than a trendy buzzword. A Google search of the term describes it as the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.

A Forbes article reminds us that “…self-care should always be a priority and you shouldn’t hit rock bottom to properly start taking care of yourself. It just so happens that many people only start taking this topic seriously once they’ve been through a crisis or trauma.”

In the “Self-Care for the Busy Professional” series, I’m highlighting ways that corporate professionals and entrepreneurs can practice the act of self-care, without putting a dent in their schedules.

Recently, I sat down with Brandi Fox, owner of Pamper Us Mobile Massage. Check out our conversation where Brandi shared the importance of self-care, services she provides to work groups and why massages are no longer just a luxury service.

Tell us about your journey to entrepreneurship.

Brandi Fox: The idea for Pamper Us Mobile Massage Service occurred in 2011, my junior year at UNC Charlotte. My husband surprised me with an in-home Valentine’s Day massage from a friend that had recently graduated from massage therapy school. I told my husband how great it would be to start a mobile massage business for people like myself who were under stress and didn’t have the time to go to a brick-and-mortar location.


For the next month, I researched and studied the mobile massage industry. I obtained my business license. From 2011-2016, I ran Pamper Us Mobile part time while working as a full-time social worker. After winning the Women Entrepreneurs 2.0 pitch competition for a $1,000 business grant, I knew that Pamper Us Mobile had the potential to innovate the spa industry. In 2016, I quit my job as a social worker and begin Pamper Us Mobile full time. In September of that year, I debuted The Pamper Lounge, North Carolina’s first Spa on Wheels, as the newest addition to the growing Pamper Us Mobile family.

As busy professionals, we often neglect self-care. Tell us about how you help the busy professional who may be stuck in the office all day?

Workplace stress is a growing epidemic. At Pamper Us Mobile, we emphasize stress relieving. We came up with the idea of The Pamper Lounge, which is equipped with all the necessary elements of a spa including aromatherapy, tranquil lighting, and serene music. It is the perfect alternative to your normal cubicle or conference room massages because it is parked right in your company’s parking lot allowing employees to walk out of the office onto mobile spa bliss.

For some, massages are an occasional luxury. How frequently do you recommend massages and what are the benefits of regular massage therapy?

Due to the side effects of current medications related to anxiety, depression, arthritis, fibromyalgia and stress, the massage therapy industry has been recognized as one of the top alternative/holistic practices. No longer is massage therapy a luxury service, but more of a necessity for an effective quality of life. I always suggest to my customers a minimum of monthly massage therapy sessions, but bi-weekly services are ideal for optimal care.

Outside of massage therapy, what pampering services do you provide for men and women?


What makes our company unique is our ability to provide an array of mobile spa services directly to our clients in the comfort of their home, hotel or office.

Pamper Us Mobile currently offers corporate and residential massage therapy, nail, make-up and private chef services throughout the Charlotte Metro area.

Which local resources for small businesses have helped you start, grow and sustain your business?

To enhance my business knowledge I obtained a graduate-level degree in digital entrepreneurship as well as participated in two local startup trainings called Women Entrepreneurs 2.0 and City Startup Labs. Over the past eight years, I have had the opportunity to meet and be mentored by countless professionals and successful entrepreneurs. All of these trainings and encounters have helped me to become not only a well-rounded entrepreneur but also an effective leader.

March is Employee Appreciation Month and a massage could be a positive step in the self-care direction. Visit to learn more.

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