Two events in one day, no problem for CRVA Manager Diatra Fullwood

Bojangles’ Coliseum & Ovens Auditorium Asst. General Manager Diatra Fullwood shares a day in the life on event day while planning for the 2019 NBA All-Star activities.

Name: Diatra Fullwood
Job: Assistant General Manager, Bojangles’ Coliseum & Ovens Auditorium
Employer: Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA)

Morning Ritual

My day starts with the gym at 5:30 a.m. Today, we have events at both venues, Festival of Laughs at Ovens Auditorium and a Charlotte Checkers hockey game at Bojangles’ Coliseum. I don’t go into the office too early on event nights, so I get a few things done at my house and go in after 9 a.m. Typically load-ins for events start early morning, but with comedy shows, production is very minimal. Their crew won’t arrive until around 3 p.m.

When I arrived, I read over the event production notes from our event managers. Tonight, I will act as the manager on duty to help support our staff. In my role as assistant general manager, I oversee our parking operations, event management and box office.

Mid-Morning To-Dos

Today is a human resources day. I need to post several open positions. We had a staff promotion this week! Our senior event manager is taking on a new role as a booking manager. This will leave a void on our event services team. I need to get the job posted so we can interview and hire someone by the end of February. I also need to post two part-time parking positions.

While I was eating lunch, the upcoming NBA All-Star events held at our venue are definitely top of mind. Today, I’m ensuring everyone who needs credentials gets them. I’m setting up traffic and parking meetings so everyone has the final plan. I am also checking the decor list to ensure we’ve ordered all the tables, chairs, sofas, trash cans, pipe and drape, and carpet from Fern Expo needed for the upcoming events.

There’s a conference call with CIAA’s senior associate commissioner for internal operations & business administration and Visit Charlotte’s director of destination services to discuss the parking plan for the upcoming basketball tournament.

Mid-Day Meetings

I have a meeting with our box office manager. We try to meet at least once every two weeks to catch up on what’s going on in the department. He oversees the ticketing at the Charlotte Convention Center too. He just wrapped up the Boat Show (Bojangles’ Coliseum, Ovens Auditorium, Visit Charlotte and the Charlotte Convention Center are all part of the CRVA). I have a hard stop at 3:10 p.m. because I have a call with the CRVA’s director of contracts service.

As I’m walking back to my office, I call into our contracts department so that I’m not late calling her. We have been missing each other for the past few days, and we need to get a contract to a client for an event we’ll host in July.

Afternoon Break

I left the office for an hour to run a few errands.

By the time I get back to my office, the comedy show at Ovens Auditorium is loading in. I check in with our event manager and everything is going fine. Our event staff is arriving at Bojangles’ Coliseum for the hockey game.

Show Time

The Charlotte Checkers game at Bojangles’ Coliseum has a 7 p.m. game time with the doors opening at 5:45 p.m., while the Festival of Laughs at Ovens Auditorium has an 8 p.m. show time with doors opening at 7 p.m.

We’re expecting big crowds tonight at the hockey game and a good crowd at the comedy show. With the expected crowd, we need to ensure that we’re monitoring the traffic and number of fans in the venue.

Once I see that traffic is flowing well, I head back to Bojangles’ Coliseum to check in with the event manager and the Checkers staff.

Everything seems to be going well, so I go back to my office to look at my to-do list. I’m able to check a few things off.

Guests are beginning to arrive at Ovens Auditorium for Festival of Laughs. I speak to the staff and then head back-of-house to say hello to the promoter representative. He’s been to our venues on many occasions.

By now, the hockey game is well on its way. I stand at the end of the ice rink where the Zamboni comes out and watch the game with our ice techs.

Dinner Time

When I’m up to it, I like cooking meals and freezing them for days when I work long hours. While I eat, our traffic supervisor comes in, and we discuss the evening and NBA All-Star traffic logistics.

Final Rounds

Once I’m finished eating, I make my rounds again at Bojangles’ Coliseum and then head back over to Ovens Auditorium. Everything is going well at both venues, so I head back to my office to work on contracts, NBA & CIAA logistics and a few other things on my list.

The hockey game is winding down. I stay in my office at Bojangles’ Coliseum until the game is over. The Red Line Club stays open for fans to enjoy after-game beverages and/or chat with the players.

I walk back up to Ovens Auditorium to check on the show and to say my goodnights to staff because I’ll leave as soon as Bojangles’ Coliseum is clear.

It’s been a long day. Goodnight … and see you at an event soon!

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