Meet local TV meteorologist Tony Sadiku, a Qcity Newcomer

Along with telling stories about the region’s ever-changing weather, Tony Sadiku is a personal trainer who wants to mentor young kids in the community.

Name: Tony Sadiku

Moved from: Florida

How long in Charlotte: 2 months

Occupation: Meteorologist

Hobbies: Working out, playing my piano/bass guitar, breweries, traveling

What brought you here? I got an awesome opportunity to work for WSOC-TV and couldn’t pass it up. I heard great things about living in North Carolina. Plus, Charlotte was as far north as I was willing to go. After living in Florida for a decade, I had to ease myself back into cold weather. Lovin’ it so far!

What do you like best about Charlotte? I love that Charlotte is a melting pot. There are people from all over. It’s cool to experience the different cultures and backgrounds and how that comes together in this vibrant and growing city.

What do you like least about Charlotte? As someone who enjoys cycling, I wish the Uptown area was a little more bike friendly.

How do you hope to get involved in the community? I’d love to get involved in the community in any way that I can. In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve tried to get a sense of the history of the area by checking out a few area museums and talking to people who’ve lived here a while. I hope to continue to do that. I’d also like to get involved in mentoring and fitness organizations.

What’s been your most memorable moment since moving here? Three inches of snow in Charlotte and the city shuts down for days. Having lived in Minnesota where we measure snow in feet, it was pretty remarkable seeing how the QC deals with snow.

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