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On Dec. 3, crowds filled the streets near the Trade & Tryon square to mark Charlotte’s 250th birthday during a celebration uptown. Attendees enjoyed music, food trucks and free cake supplied by Johnson & Wales University.

“This anniversary not only marks where we have been, it also sets the course for where we are going,” said Eugene Woods, honorary chair of CLT250 Executive Advisory Council and Atrium Heath President & CEO. “As we look ahead to the next 250 years, I know we can create a city where each individual has the opportunity to succeed and as a result, we as a community succeed.”

A highlight of the festivities was the dance moves displayed by Mayor Vi Lyles and Charlotte City Council members. Mayor Lyles said there will be lots of fun celebrating Charlotte’s milestones during the yearlong calendar of events which culminate in May.

“CLT250 is an invitation for our community to engage – collaborate, commemorate, communicate,” said City of Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles. “I am proud to be a Charlottean and honored to work together with the people of our city to design and build a future where everyone thrives.”

Check out our list of 8 moments of Charlotte’s Black history as we celebrate its 250th birthday. Cheers, #CLT250!

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