Rhea and Travis Plummer. Photo courtesy of Rhea Plummer
Photo courtesy of Rhea Plummer

To some, marriage is a dying institution. It certainly feels like the latest (and definitely not the greatest) reality series, The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte, tried to put a nail in the coffin with its premiere episode on YouTube last week.

Of course, we know that sidechicks have existed since the beginning of time. And yes, we’ve seen the sidechicks storyline play out on several ratchet TV shows before. However, to create an entire show about this lifestyle almost glorifies the type of behavior that most sidechicks were too afraid to previously admit.

As a married woman of nine years, naturally I’m disturbed by the premise of this show. According to the show’s YouTube channel, the plot centers around “the secret lives of eight women…exposed through a season full of drama, sex, and scandal.”

As if not bothersome enough, shows rooting for marriage — like OWN’s Black Love — don’t receive the same level of hype that a show like The Real Sidechicks receives. But drama sells, right? What’s more dramatic than the chaos that comes with a love triangle?

“Is this the type of city you want to start a family in?” my husband asked. “This show just doesn’t seem to be a good fit for Charlotte and doesn’t represent the city that I know.”

Rhea and Travis Plummer. Photo courtesy of Rhea Plummer

Ultimately, it’s not the responsibility of the cast or producers to depict the true essence of what marriage or the city of Charlotte represents. Their motives are clear…fame and money! Now more than ever, the happily married people — who experience the real ups and downs of their commitments — are responsible for reclaiming the perception of what real marriage looks like. There are marital communities that offer a positive outlet and representation for what marriage is and can be.

While entertaining to some, platforms like The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte — and the roles of most sidechicks participating in these love triangles — are short-lived.

Rhea Plummer is a wife and mom of two. She’s also the creator and CEO of Fab Wives, LLC, an accountability and support community created exclusively for wives and wives-to-be. Founded in Charlotte, the group is also based in New York City and Atlanta.

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