And the list goes on for things Black people can’t do without the threat of having the police called.

Facebook user Chele Garris posted a series of videos showing an unidentified white woman — who appears to be under the influence — harassing Garris and her sister Leisa.

Twitter has deemed her #SouthParkSusan, but for the purpose of this story, we’ll call her “Myers Park Meg,” since she said she lives there.

According to the police report filed by Leisa, the incident occurred on Oct. 19 in the parking lot of the Camden Fairview Apartments.


In the videos that have since gone viral, one of the sisters stated that Meg began bothering them as they waited for AAA. With a calm demeanor, the sisters called 911 while Meg repeatedly bragged about being a white woman who makes $125,000 a year. But, no more. Social media got to work and accounts are identifying Meg as Susan J. Westwood, a senior business intelligence analyst and market researcher at Spectrum Enterprises, according to LinkedIn. Multiple news outlets are reporting that she has been fired.

Charges have yet to be filed, so police haven’t confirmed her identity. The case is under investigation.

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