The House of Lemond keeps it dapper for pop-up collaboration

No Grease! barbershop will feature The House of Lemond at its couture fashion event on Sept. 28.

Calling all dapper kings and stylish queens! Charlotte fashion is on display this week, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sit down with one of the city’s leading men’s designers, LeMond Hart. Hart is the owner of The House of LeMond, a men’s boutique in Uptown.

He’s teamed up with No Grease! barbershop to host “PopUp Couture Craze,” the first in a series of pop-up events, taking place on Sept. 28 at the barbershop’s Spectrum Arena location. Hart talked to us about the event, business collaboration over competition, and keys to growing small businesses here in the Queen City.

What can people expect at PopUp Couture Craze?
We’re going to have an all-male grooming lounge, free cocktails sponsored by Remy Martin, and appetizers provided by another local black business — Loft & Cellar. It’s a great opportunity for the kings to come out, be inspired by fashion to know that they can take some risks in their daily wears. I’m also going to do a small presentation to show our new collection. Go ahead and put me on the prayer list, but you can expect some guys to walk out on that runway #DapperAsFuck wearing some of my best creations.


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Why collaborate with No Grease?
We love networking and operating with businesses that appreciate taking care of their clients, using that standard of excellence to treat them like kings and queens. Additionally, [owners] Damian and Jermaine Johnson are trailblazers in the community. They supported me from the [beginning].


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Collaboration over competition, is that something Charlotte businesses have been struggling with?
That is something I’ve seen. Not only just Charlotte businesses struggle with it, but people throughout the world. I felt like if we collaborated with each other as opposed to competing, we could establish that great platform.

Back to the event. I know it’s a pop-up, but does that mean you’re going to do something like this again?
No Grease is using us as the catalyst to set off this event. They will be doing this on a monthly basis. Again, with collaboration over competition we can all work together to establish a great platform where we can all eat.

What: PopUp Couture Craze
When: Sept. 28, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Where: No Grease! barbershop, 333 E. Trade St.
Cost: Free

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