Davida Jackson and Joseph Smith are the hosts for The Phone Wallet Keys podcast.

If you’re in your car on a long drive, stuck in traffic, or about to head into the gym, then you’re probably like me and want to find a good podcast to get through it all.

Many fit my eclectic vibe. If I want to catch up on hip-hop and stay with the culture, I’ll throw on my favorites like “The Breakfast Club” and “The Joe Budden Podcast.” When I’m feeling entrepreneurial, I’ll put on “How I Built This” to hear how brands and retailers got their start. For some great motivation, I’ll tune into “The Secret to Success Podcast” with Eric Thomas. To get spiritually fed, I’ll listen to sermons from pastors Steven Furtick, Michael Todd or Craig Groeschel.

But, with so many local resources like the podcast studios at Hygge Coworking and Advent Coworking — or how ridiculously easy it is to buy a fancy USB microphone and plug it into your computer — there are many Charlotte podcasts that are just as entertaining and relevant. Here are six podcasts I tune into at the desk or in the whip. You should check them out, too.

The Phone Wallet Keys Podcast

Hosts: Davida Jackson aka Queen V, Joseph Smith aka Light Skin Joe

Subject: Culture and Entertainment

Why should it be on your list?
This podcast covers everything from pop culture to relationships to local issues. Young professionals Joe and V have dialogue and debates that most of us can relate to with our own friends. Plus, they have great guests including City Council member Braxton Winston and GreenLight Fund Charlotte executive director Carrie Cook. PWK also shows love to events across the city. [Editor’s note: That convo may be helpful for those asking, “Where do black professionals hang out in Charlotte?]

Listen to The Phone Wallet Keys Podcast

Yelp Charlotte

Host: Nikki Wolfe

Subject: Local Business

Why should it be on your list?
If Yelp is your go-to resource for reviews of good eats and local businesses, then this is the audio version of that. I appreciate that they spotlight local nonprofits, like RAIN and the Steve Smith Family Foundation, and host events to support them.

Listen to the Yelp Charlotte Podcast

The Somethin’ 2 Say Sports Podcast

Hosts: Bradley David, Jerrell Fields, Gerard Littlejohn

Subject: Sports

Why should it be on your list?
Spoiler alert: I’m a co-host on this podcast, so I’m biased. But, if you enjoy barbershop-style debate — with young black professionals who have worked in the sports business — then this is the podcast for you. Guests include former NFL players, beat writers for pro sports teams and debates on issues where sports, politics and pop culture collide.

Listen to the Somethin’ 2 Say Sports Podcast

No Advisory Podcast

Hosts: Antwane “CEO” McClain, Shaboogs, Ash Bee, Guymaica, Dee The SG

Subject: Culture and Entertainment

Why should it be on your list?
Not-safe-for-work (NSFW) alert, so make sure you have your headphones in for this dope podcast. They keep it real with no filter, and I’m claiming them as one of the most entertaining podcasts on this list. Plus, they showcase local hip-hop artists and festivals. Not only do they record audio, they also broadcast via their YouTube and Facebook channels for your viewing pleasure. Catch them sipping their punch while they record.

Watch/Listen to the No Advisory podcast

The Black Guy Who Tips

Hosts: Rod and Karen Morrow

Subject: Comedy

Why should it be on your list?
The Morrows surely have the G.O.A.T. podcast name I’ve ever seen. [Editor’s Note: In a recent interview, Rod said the name came from the crazy notion that black people don’t tip. He does. The name stuck. Carry on.] Add on the fact that they’re a black, married couple and funny as heck? They discuss everything from the latest “Insecure” episode (who doesn’t love a good “Insecure” convo?) to current events. Recently, Rod and Karen taped a live show at Booth Playhouse in Uptown. If it’s ratchet, they discuss it. And I listen.

Listen to The Black Guy Who Tips podcast

R&D in the QC

Hosts: Larken Egleston, Tariq Bokhari

Subject: Politics

Why should it be on your list?
I can’t think of many other forms of media where a democrat and republican can have meaningful conversation on the same show without bickering. City Council members Larken Egleston (the democrat) and Tariq Bokhari (the republican) do it successfully while featuring familiar voices like Congresswoman Alma Adams and fellow council member James Mitchell to discuss hot topics in our local government.

Listen to the R&D in the QC podcast

Now that you know my list, which podcasts are you listening to?

Gerard Littlejohn is a marketing, public relations and social responsibility professional. He’s the founder of Level One Agency, a public relations and social responsibility agency. Connect with him on Twitter or Instagram.