Summer style

As Charlotte’s long summer nights turn into crisp fall days, tank tops and shorts are replaced with blazers and scarves. But, just because the season is coming to an end doesn’t mean that you have to put your favorite summer pieces away. Instead, give your summer wardrobe new life by creating new looks for the fall.

An easy way to remix tank or tube tops is to pair with a blazer.

Summer style
Summer style transitioned for fall with oversized blazer

Local professionals like Ebony Hill, an analyst in the financial services industry, host after-work client meetings, lead presentations and travel for work.

“I need variety in my closet and struggle with putting looks together, especially when traveling for work in varying temperatures,” Hill said.

For the office, an oversized vintage blazer and statement belt are key pieces to cool off a summer scorcher like a spaghetti-strap dress. For an after-work mixer, try a printed cardigan over a tube or tank top.

Bright colors aren’t just for warm temperatures and long sleeves can be worn year round.

Summer style

In early fall, tone down brighter hues by pairing with khakis and deep olive, maroon and navy tones. The contrast will keep your looks visually interesting, and the possibilities are endless.

Summer style transitioned into fall with khakis
Summer style transitioned into fall with layering

Temperatures in Charlotte often fluctuate, sometimes by the hour. To remain stylish in any weather, layering is key. Purchasing outerwear such as structured sweaters, bomber jackets and oversized cardigans in cool tones will save time and money as these items are perfect for layering.

Which of your favorite summer pieces will you transition into fall?

Nakisha Washington is a style contributor who mixes prints and professionals. She’s a millennial development coach, content creator and lover of all things stylish!

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