Scene at ASC’s Connect with Culture Day: African Dance Class hosted by Charlotte Ballet at First Baptist Church-West, January 28, 2017. (Photo:

I really appreciate the warm welcome I received after Glenn announced me as QCity Metro’s managing editor. It’s been a nervously exciting few weeks now that I have the baton to expand the vision for QCity Metro. No pressure.


I’ve gone back and forth figuring out how to introduce/re-introduce myself to you. So, here are three things I’d share in those awkward icebreakers that force you to think of something interesting about yourself:

  1. I didn’t move to Charlotte for a job. My husband and I were Qcity Newcomers three years ago from South Florida. People’s response usually is, “Why would you leave Miami?” I wanted seasons other than hot and hot as hell! But seriously, we did our research and Charlotte was on every up-and-coming list. We only knew three people before moving here, but Charlotte matched everything we were looking for. Plus, sand is the most annoying thing EVER; I don’t miss the beach that much.
  2. Six months ago, I became a vegetarian. Cold turkey. It’s a story for another day, but I wanted to put it out there in case you want to invite me to the cookout. Also, feel free to drop me some restaurant suggestions.
  3. #SupportTheArts and #SupportBlackBiz accompany 85 percent of my social media captions. I’m passionate about the dope things and people in these spaces.

Now that you know the highlights about me, what’s next for QCity Metro? We’re keeping our stories hyperlocal and sticking with our ABCs.

A is for Arts/Culture

There’s no shortage of things to do in Charlotte. We’ll touch on topics from the arts to entertainment to cuisine to travel. Let us capture you in your element and report on the leisurely things you enjoy doing. Our event calendar is a good place to start.

B is for Business

You’ll continue to see QCity Metro highlight Black business professionals and entrepreneurs. We’ll keep sharing stories about what businesses are doing that impact us. We know the statistic citing that the dollar circulates for only six hours in the Black community. My hope is that QCity Metro provides information to help increase those numbers through opportunities like our business directory.

C is for Community

We’ll roll out our neighborhood guides to highlight the vibrant areas where we live, work and play. We’re exposing the pockets around Charlotte that don’t typically get the spotlight. Which neighborhoods should be on the list? Let me know.

Our goal is to continue sharing the diversity of your voices and lifestyles. Black culture isn’t a monolith. As our reader, you deserve to see yourself represented in the stories we tell. To make things more interesting, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary in November. I won’t spill all the secrets, but we’ve set our eyes on some collaborations to fill a gap we’ve heard was missing. I hope you ride with us for this next chapter.

I love connecting with people, so I look forward to catching y’all around the city! In the meantime, you can reach me at or connect with me on Twitter or Instagram.

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Katrina covers Charlotte's Black business scene for QCity Metro. She's a Miami transplant, pescatarian and lover of the arts. She earned a public relations degree from the University of Florida. Got a...