Wow! What a Week!

Please let it be Biscuits!

International House of Pancakes, also known as IHOP, is changing its name to IHOb. Next week the company will reveal what the lowercase “b” stands for. Until then you have to guess what the “b” means. Maybe they will start making bagels or biscuits. You can’t drive anywhere in Charlotte without passing someplace that sells biscuits. Matter of fact I’m eating a biscuit right now!

And here we go….

Bikini begone…

#MeToo finally got a hold of the Miss America Pageant. The pageant will now be a competition and they are ditching the swimsuit and evening gown portions. The competition will no longer judge candidates based on how they look. It will be more inclusive of women with all shapes and sizes. I think it’s great that the competition will now reflect how women actually look. But something else about the change doesn’t make sense. If you enjoy “pleasantly plump” women, you won’t be able to see them in an evening gown competition.

Oh, now you tell us?

Kanye West now reveals that he has bipolar disorder. This explains so much about his previous behavior that confused us to no end. I just thought he was high on bath salts. It’s just unfortunate that we find out about his mental health issue after he supported Donald Trump. I kept telling my Republican buddy that he shouldn’t rally around Yeezy. I never believed that Ye wanted to be a conservative in the mold of a Stacey Dash. I believe Yeezus would make a great Trump Republican because his wife is a reality TV star, he has a fascination with white women, and his views on race are inarticulate.

Think Bigger

The former Buncombe County Manager was recently indicted on wire fraud and money laundering. Wanda Greene misused government credit cards on restaurants from Olive Garden to Cracker Barrel. She also spent $6,000 at TJ Maxx, $18,000 at Best Buy and $10,000 at Target. This is obviously a woman who doesn’t think big. You have that much money and you are shopping at TJ Maxx? No shade to TJ Maxx but you get a blouse and/or a shirt and leave. They don’t have any Louis Vuitton stores in Asheville? No Nordstrom? What about a Nordstrom Rack? And they were really eating at Olive Garden? They couldn’t find a Capital Grille?

Odd Man Out

The all-white elected town boards of Matthews, Mint Hill and Huntersville have endorsed House Bill 514, also known as HB 514. The Cornelius school board has only one African American and he voted against HB 514. HB 514 allows towns to create their own charter schools and pick who attends them. In a nutshell it also guarantees that there will be no busing. I wonder what it was like for the lone African-American board member when they finished voting. It’s like having a team luncheon and everyone picks Applebee’s and you pick NaNa’s Soul Food Kitchen.

Group warns of court fight if HB 514 charter-school legislation is enacted

No Eagles, No Worries

The Philadelphia Eagles were disinvited from the White House after Trump realized the whole team wasn’t showing up. As usual, Trump blamed the Eagles and Fox News gladly helped him by providing some fake news for support. He won’t have to lick his wounds for long because the National Hockey League Championship has ended. Hockey teams usually have one or two Russian players on their teams. I’m sure he will welcome them with open arms.